Ghost, ghost on top, ghost door

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How rich Chinese football players are!A nanny has revealed that she worked as a nanny for male national football players for 7 years and earned more than 60 million yuan, feeling very satisfied!And often follow travel abroad!Chinese football players live in luxury houses and live a luxurious life. Obviously, they are not soldiers galloping on the battlefield, but rich sons.How did they get into the national team to win glory for their country?What lured them in?To enter the national team, must not be layers of selection, layers of assessment?How many ghosts are there?Fortunately, this is on the football field, if in the battle of life and death, these smooth – haired childe, only escape!Of course, when the national disaster came, they would have flown abroad. They will not be the ones who brought the wide-ranging results.For so many years, the problem was the problem, and mingpeng was lying there for nothing.Ghost, ghost, even Zhong Kui are far away from it.What’s the use of gnashing your teeth at this time of disgrace!Think, alas!What do I have to do with it?I don’t want to get in trouble!There are too many ghosts everywhere, too many ghosts are not terrible, as long as there is good spirit in the world!