Bully into canal: kill people with torture liwei, kill more than 500 Japanese army, after the Japanese army with steamed dead

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The common people have a lot of their own logic, which may have little basis, but it has been handed down from generation to generation, enduring.You know, things like karma and karma.This may be a kind of folk moral constraint, or a simplified religious belief, but it has a strong vitality.Perhaps the real reason is that people have actually seen something in reality, so they believe in it.For today is the story of a secular now offer, actually this person also did not a good idea, such as he would have been killed by the Japanese invaders, 500, but it may also be the only after he was evil to do a good thing, he didn’t do bad things less, in order to establish their own prestige is the use of torture and killing anyone, is a bad thing to do, but in the end he still suffered from evil,Just as he tortured others, he died of torture, steamed to death.Today we are going to see what kind of person this is.He was not born a wicked man. What’s more, when he was born, he had a good life sign. Although his father was just an ordinary farmer, he still had high hopes for him.The fortune-teller came to the conclusion that everything would come naturally.His father was so overjoyed that he named him Cheng Qu and let him study. Cheng Qu did not live up to his father’s expectations when he was young. At least, he excelled in his studies.Cheng Qu is actually very bloody-minded, which may be related to his love of “Outlaws of the Marsh”, so after the Japanese invasion of China, before he had patriotic, he joined the 10th Division of the Central Army resolutely.But the ideal is full, the reality is very cruel, Cheng Qu in the experience of the real war, completely become a coward, he slowly became a war to hide behind the turtle.Such troops were difficult to accept, and soon Cheng qu was sent back to his hometown by the government.This was undoubtedly a setback for Cheng Qu, for the army’s denial of him left a great psychological shadow on him, and as a result, he could not teach any books, so he was set up as an unemployed young man without any income, who had nothing to do but to wander around.This kind of life makes Cheng Qu feel bored.02 Making Evil Friends The evil way may be influenced by the “Outlaws of the Marsh”, cheng Qu soon had sworn brothers, but unfortunately, these sworn brothers are not good people, in fact, the local thugs, in fact, cheng Qu is to join the local underworld.In fact, there may be some bullies in every place, but after Cheng Qu joined in, the nature of the organization changed. Cheng Qu went out for a trip, did not learn to fight, but expanded his knowledge. He knew that to be a bully, weapons were the most important thing, otherwise, no matter how strong the flesh and blood would be in vain.Into the canal’s advice, the group began to make a gun, at that time was in time of war, many forces were scattered, the kuomintang stragglers are everywhere, so they have a gun is easy to into the canal, a gun they more brazen, bullies became bandits, from adjacent to the al shabaab oppressors, and in this way, they robbed of money, forced to the partnership.As they grew in power, small bands of bandits began to join them, and their power grew faster and faster.As proud as a peacock this time into the canal, but feel not satisfied, feel the strength of these people is not strong, it’s better if there are some regular troops to join, coincided with the wuhan battle, the kuomintang troops failed, around, into the canal would take this opportunity to furl the kuomintang skirmisher, if don’t want to join his team, would have killed them, seize weapons.Under such circumstances, the ranks of the chengqu were greatly expanded and they could dominate the mountains. They finally became a local force that could not be underestimated.03 in each camp swing into a canal between the forces of the kuomintang government’s attention, they to harness into a canal, this let into the canal had more of a chance, he finally had a chance to prove himself, so he not hesitate to join the kuomintang, was placed in the 197 division, started just battalion chief, but later with the extension of his team, he will get promoted,Became the commander of the seventh detachment.When he joined the Kuomintang, he did not change his bandit habits at all. On the contrary, he intensified his bandit habits, and would torture and kill those who disobeyed him to build up his prestige.Eventually, it became a crime to see an unpleasant person on the road.But such a person to the people, to disobey their own people extremely cruel, but did not dare to face the Japanese army, when sent to fight with the Japanese army, he tried to shirk, finally to kill the Kuomintang correspondent, intelligence personnel.Just as the Kuomintang could not tolerate a coward as a soldier, the Kuomintang could not tolerate cheng Qu killing his colleagues now. Thirty thousand troops annihilated Cheng Qu at one stroke, and Cheng Qu could only hide in the mountains with the remnants of the defeated army.The Kuomintang to eliminate into the canal move by the Japanese see in the eye, think this is the perfect opportunity to recruit into the canal, so out of the position and materials, into the canal to forget righteousness, into the arms of the Japanese, and the Japanese to deal with the New Fourth Army, so far, into the canal became a bottomless national scum.Cheng Qu, however, soon saw that the Japanese were doomed to defeat and began to accept the KMT again. However, based on the dark history of Cheng Qu, some people in the KMT felt that Cheng Qu was unreliable and did not want to accept cheng Qu. In order to gain the trust of the KMT, Cheng Qu volunteered to fight to eliminate the Japanese.In this way, cheng Qu in order to his position in the Kuomintang, began to kill his Allies, but also to overcome their always afraid of Japanese psychology, world War I eliminated more than 500 People in Japan, and they carried out a brutal torture, let the Japanese to him is the smell of fear.But also soon have their failure into the canal, in one and the new fourth army combat, nearly is lighting, this time he had started to miss the benefits of the Japanese, and then begin to contact the Japanese, want to be able to surrender, unfortunately, the credit into the canal, days I also don’t believe, but they are not refuse to settle into the canal, based on the principle of not in their place is about to destroy,They began to formulate a plan for the elimination of chengqu.Eventually, under the guise of negotiating surrender, the Japanese besieged Cheng Qu and finally captured him alive, releasing only some of his men and killing the rest.And cheng Qu himself, also got his habitual punishment of torture – was put in a steamer to steam to death.Cheng Qu’s life is the life of a wicked man, but his final outcome is very happy.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!