What are the characteristics of automobile brake fluid

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Brake fluid is a liquid medium used to transfer brake pressure in automobile hydraulic brake system, which is used in vehicles using hydraulic brake system.The performance requirements of brake fluid are: good viscosity and temperature, low freezing point, good low temperature fluidity;High boiling point, no gas resistance at high temperature;The quality change in the process of use is small, and does not cause the corrosion and deterioration of metal and rubber parts.There are three types of brake fluid.One, castor oil – alcohol type: with refined castor oil and ethanol by 1:1 preparation.Two, synthetic molding: with ether, alcohol, ester and other additives such as lubrication, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-rubber swelling.Three, mineral oil type: made of refined light diesel oil distillate with thickening agent and other additives.(1) Should have a higher boiling point.Modern cars brake more frequently in the driving, the temperature of the brake drum (disc) is rising, such as the use of low boiling point brake fluid, often in the pipeline gas resistance and lead to brake failure, so the evaporation of brake fluid is low, not easy to vaporize at high temperature.(2) Suitable high temperature viscosity and good low temperature fluidity.The brake fluid can transfer the pressure in time under various conditions and lubricate the moving parts in the transmission mechanism.(3) With oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance.Brake fluid should not produce gelatinous and corrosive substances due to oxidation, or discoloration due to corrosion, or even pit formation due to long-term contact with metal.(4) low hygroscopicity, good water solubility, less boiling point drop.Even if there is water into the brake fluid, it is required to form particles and evenly mixed with the brake fluid, without separation and precipitation.(5) Good adaptability to rubber.Brake fluid should not have swelling effect on rubber parts, otherwise it will lose its due sealing effect, so brake fluid should have good adaptability to rubber parts.