The reverie of an ordinary person in Zhao County

2022-07-15 0 By

In 2021, I can’t find it any more. In 2022, a few days have passed. In 2021, I have also gained something.In the New Year of 2022, I will continue my efforts in the following aspects: first, exercise regularly, study Sun tai Chi, get to know more high-quality boxing friends, participate in tai Chi related social activities and competitions as much as possible, improve my ability and exercise myself!Two, further reduce entertainment, on time rest.Avoid boring social life, drink less alcohol, drink more tea, take regular breaks and spend more time with your family!Three, read more books to strengthen learning.Whether it is tai Chi or health care medical knowledge, or literary prose, reading time as much as possible!Four, close to the positive energy of the people, away from the villain!More with healthy upward quality level of people with a sense of justice, away from the love of right and wrong, psychological distortion of the villain.Increase their own sense of happiness and comfort, improve their own happiness index!Five, more contacts with the pattern of big people, less attention to narrow-minded love small cheap people, would rather drink with the pattern of big people drink eight eight eight, also try not to drink a cup of tea with short-sighted people!6. Reduce desire.The root of all happiness is that the desire is too high, not to like things, not to their own sorrow, try to achieve peace of mind, no desire, no demand, so as to be happy!