Qingming Festival | Ganzhou District forest fire brigade: remembering the revolutionary heroes, ceaseless red gene

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When we live in a peaceful country, enjoy the peace of the country bring us, please don’t forget that for the new China, sprinklewarm-blooded, for national independence and national liberation of revolutionary martyrs, sacrifice is that they use a precious life for the backdrop of China today for the road ahead, they are the backbone of the Chinese nation!Members of zhangye Forest Fire Brigade walk into the Linze Martyrs cemetery of the West Route Army of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army in Zhangye City, Northeast China’s Gansu Province, April 4, 2019, holding flowers, to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs and express their deep memorial to the revolutionary martyrs.To the history of today to inspire morale, the mission on the shoulder brave.The players into the martyrs cemetery to carry out the activities, at the same time as an opportunity to review the pledge to join the Party, accept the baptism of the revolutionary traditional spirit, cultivate the noble feelings of heroic, loyal dedication, ceasing for the country and the people of the red blood, for the cause of emergency rescue cohesion of majestic strength.”We may not be able to name them, but we should always remember and carry forward the fearless spirit of revolution embodied in each person.”In the activity, ganzhou brigade instructor on behalf of all the players laid a wreath in front of the monument, the rest of the staff lined up in order, solemn, hats off, stand in silence, three bows, to the martyrs who were laid to rest here to express deep condolences.With respect to the martyrs of the revolution and the memory of the feeling, all the players in front of the monument to review the pledge to join the Party, make a solemn commitment: “I swear, I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the party program……”The sonorous vows echoed long before the monument.A history casts a monument, a story contains a moving.Level 3 fire and li said: “we should conscientiously study the party’s glory history, pursue martyrs glorious footsteps, with the party’s struggle and great achievement inspiring morale, sense of direction, constantly strengthen the consciousness of the ‘four’, firm ‘four confidence, do two maintenance, with loyalty, pragmatic, bear the party’s great victory at 20”.Leave the revolutionary martyrs monument, as our staff’s footsteps came to the revolutionary martyrs deeds exhibition, lots of “red” old objects, elegantly yellowing photos, page after page of precious historical materials, one after another memorable story, combined shock, lively interpretation of the heroes are marked to the party with all her heart, a heart for the people’s patriotic feelings,Scenes of brave and dangerous, heroic struggle, not afraid of sacrifice of the vivid picture as if present, the players are all moved, the heart is full of admiration.The hero is gone, the spirit lives on.Heroes never leave, and we never forget.We will always bear in mind the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s flag-raising speech, hold the torch of faith high, and perform the missions and tasks entrusted by the Party and the people in the new era with excellent skills, so as to create greater glory on the new journey of emergency rescue!