Jiangsu Huaihai Technician College held induction training for new teachers

2022-07-15 0 By

In order to familiarize new teachers with the college environment and adapt to work requirements, Huaihai Technician College in Jiangsu province organized an induction training for 20 new teachers on February 16.Zhu Yuliang, vice president of college attended the training meeting and gave a speech.On behalf of the college, Zhu Yuliang welcomed the new teachers, briefly introduced the history, current situation and future prospects of the college, and put forward four requirements for the new teachers: first, to improve their own education and teaching ability, change their roles as soon as possible;Second, we should be grateful for the platform provided by the college and obey the management of the college.Third, based on education and teaching posts, teaching and educating people with concentration;Fourth, we must strictly abide by teachers’ professional ethics and the “red line” of education.The training is rich in content and diverse in forms, covering the history and situation of the school, important rules and regulations, education and teaching methods, teaching ability improvement, daily management of students, methods and approaches to improve scientific research ability, the basic requirements of teachers’ professional ethics, teachers’ professional quality and other aspects.