Do you like this cute little Finnish guy?I was fascinated

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No matter from the book or the cartoon, you can feel the original Nordic style.Just like our real lives, both down-to-earth and wise.There are stories of family and friends and simple feelings. There are stories of courage, dreams and adventure.On my first day in Finland, the first thing that attracted me when I got off the plane was moomin in the corner.Go out to the supermarket and home, you will almost fall into a world surrounded by moomin!Cutlery, aprons, skin care packaging, all this little cutie.I was chatting with a Finn, talking about Moomin with pride.He says everyone in Finland has seen Moomin’s cartoons and storybooks.Moomin has been with them for three generations so far.In fact, it’s not just Finland where the cute baby is popular, but around the world.Moomin House, a three-story restaurant in Shanghai’s Shangjia Center, and Moomin-themed restaurants in Hong Kong.Moomin-themed restaurants in Japan have become popular because of the topic of “fighting loneliness”.Europeans love moomin park, Moomin Museum, all kinds of surrounding items everywhere.Later, I fell in love with this chubby family.Moomin was born in Finland but flourished in Japan.Moomin is an original character created by Finnish writer Tove Jansson.Tove is called a National treasure of Finland and has won the Hans Christian Andersen Prize.She turned Moomin’s story into a comic strip that ran in London’s Evening News.A story book about moomin Valley was published, which was translated into 34 languages and distributed around the world.Japanese animation has been doing well, many of the classic works we have seen, are from Japan.For example: Hayao Miyazaki’s series of works my Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, as well as Detective Conan, One Piece, Ultraman, Naruto and so on.Moomin was taken seriously by Japan, bought the copyright, and used powerful animation technology to make a popular animation around the world.The new 3D moomin Valley is a more realistic representation of the Moomin story.From screen production to dubbing music, there are well-known celebrities in various fields involved.Academy Award winning director Steve Box directed it himself.This simple and simple little lovely, do you like?