Zoucheng Disabled people’s Federation to carry out on-site disability assessment activities

2022-07-14 0 By

In order to effectively solve the actual difficulties of the disabled people, provide more convenient and effective services, so that the disabled people with mobility difficulties enjoy a variety of disability support and benefit policies, On February 16, Zoucheng Disabled people’s Federation united people’s Hospital disability evaluation experts,Special trip to Zou City city before the town, Zhang Zhuang town, Guo Li town and other 7 towns and streets for 16 inconvenient movement of the masses to carry out on-site assessment disability services, by “you do”, into “I do”, take the initiative as a solution people hope, work hard to connect the heart, the masses praise my dedication.Living in Liuwa village, Zhangzhuang Town, Gao Grandpa is 75 years old this year, suffering from severe necrosis of the femoral head, limbs can not bend, can not walk, incontinence, lying in bed for a long time.If I go to the city people’s hospital for disability evaluation, this is difficult to get out of bed for high uncle is undoubtedly difficult.Uncle Gao’s family to zhangzhuang Town disabled persons’ Federation put forward an application for door-to-door assessment, after the town disabled persons’ Federation review, meet the door-to-door assessment conditions.On the morning of February 16, a doctor from the city people’s Hospital came to assess him.”I just submitted my application a few days ago, and today the staff and doctors of the DISABLED Persons’ Federation came. I thank them and the government for caring for me.”Understand the condition in the past, in accordance with the relevant provisions, apply for the disabled card to first get the form to fill in the information, and then to the designated hospital inspection and evaluation, the procedure is more complex, in order to effectively do a good job of disabled card handling work, standardize the process of on-site disability evaluation,In 2021, zoucheng Disabled persons’ Federation and Zoucheng Health Bureau issued a notice on the issuance of “Zoucheng Disabled card for door-to-door disability assessment Service standard (trial)”, which facilitates the people with special difficulties in action to apply for door-to-door disability assessment.Evaluation Doctors through on-site diagnosis, physical examination, review of previous medical records, a comprehensive understanding of their disability status, disability identification;Then the staff of the CDPF will register the Application form for the Disabled card and complete the assessment on site.On-site diagnosis, on-site evaluation of the disabled card service, reduce the burden of the disabled people, through the service of the disabled people “the last kilometer”, so that the disabled people really feel the care of the Party and the government.