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February 7, in shandong province education department issued “on the whole environment, publication of the experimental area and standardize the school list, left left about environmental education experimental area and specification list all of the public, according to the shandong province education department about selecting the whole environmental educational experimental area and standardize the school notice (lu teach letter [2021] no. 69) requirements, the cities and counties to recommend, expert review, the provincial audit,It intends to identify 20 units such as Zibo city as the whole environmental education experimental area, and 100 schools such as Jinan Furen School as the whole environmental education standard schools, which are hereby publicized.The publicity period is 5 working days, from February 7 to February 11, 2022.If there is any objection during the publicity period, it can be put forward to the basic education Department of our office in written form.The objection raised by the unit shall be stamped with the official seal of the unit on the objection materials, and indicate the work unit, mailing address and telephone number of the contact person.If an individual raises an objection, he/she must sign his/her real name and indicate his/her work unit, mailing address and telephone number on the objection materials.Address: Basic Education Department, Shandong Provincial Education Department, No. 60, Shungeng Road, Shizhong District, Jinan city;Tel: 0531-51793765, 51793764;Email: Provincial Department of Education, February 7, 2022 Total Environmental Education Experimental Area and Standard Verification List (Linyi)School education quality evaluation of the environmental education standard school directly under the city Linyi Luo Zhuang PiaoYuan elementary school district Linyi experiment elementary school 8 phenomenon.the phenomenon.the directly under the city experimental primary school Linyi. 35 country-specific ones learn yinan county yinan county economic development zone experimental school district Linyi 9 in pingyi county middle school In pingyi county insurance too town junior high school source: linyi daily WeChat comprehensive education department of shandong province