Luanchuan County, Luoyang City is recruiting “rural creative operator” nationwide

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Luo Newspaper media reporters learned today that in order to promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside, Luanchuan county party committee and the county government decided to open the recruitment of “rural creation operation division”.This recruitment activity aims to recruit professional rural operation talents, optimize the industrial layout, develop new forms of business, revitalize idle assets, fully develop the cultural value, aesthetic value, ecological value and economic value of the village, stimulate the vitality of the village, and realize the income increase of village collectives and villagers.The recruitment target is entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, social workers, scientific research workers, artists, designers, new media workers and other talents who are willing to devote themselves to luanchuan rural revitalization, love rural work, and master the concept of rural innovation and development. They can participate in the registration in the form of individuals, teams or companies.1. Have rich experience in culture and tourism operation, and have operation planning ability.2. It has the advantage of industry resources and can introduce cultural and tourism industry forms and cultural and creative products for rural areas.3. Have the resource capacity to build a platform, use the assets that can be managed in the village, register and operate a company together with the village committee, and continue to operate the company in the village (one resident resident in the village), which can revitalize the village resources.4. Good at planning and organizing tourism activities, with wechat, Weibo, Douyin and other new media operation, strong ability of publicity and promotion.5. Have strong social cooperation ability, through project packaging and promotion, achieve investment attraction target on schedule, and ensure the implementation of business format.6. Strong ability to mine and transform cultural resources, highlighting village market positioning and IP building.7. With craftsman spirit, passion and responsibility, uphold the concept of rural areas, love rural areas and take root in rural areas.1. Registration stage (February 7, 2022 to February 20) Log in China Luanchuan net public notice board download “Luanchuan County” rural innovation operator application form “, the electronic version of the application form reported to Luanchuan County rural operation special class mailbox ( Qualification Examination Stage (From February 21 to February 25) County and village operation special class will conduct qualification examination on the registered individuals, teams or companies, and transfer them to towns and villages in time according to their intentions.3. During the negotiation phase (February 26 to March 10), towns and townships will take the lead in organizing prospective companies to visit villages for field investigation and research, and conduct negotiations and consultations on specific operation work.4. Contract signing stage (From March 11 to March 15) Through two-way selection, the “Rural creative Operators” who finally reach cooperation intention will formally sign a contract with the village and establish an operation company.5. Entering operation stage (March 16th to November 15th) The operation company will present the operation plan and submit it to the rural operation special class (expert group) for review. After the operation plan is approved, the operation will be started formally.3. Preferential Policies for “Rural Entrepreneurial Operators” 1. The selected “rural entrepreneurial operators” adhere to the “zero threshold”, “zero dead Angle” service, “zero contradiction” cooperation, policy “zero scaffolding”.2. Give priority to the projects planned by the “rural entrepreneur operator” into the scope of the county’s annual integration fund policy support.3. Subsidies for basic operating expenses will be given to those “rural creative operators” who jointly register and establish operating companies with the village committee and carry out substantive work.4. The profits and benefits realized by the operation of the “Rural Creative Operators” shall be distributed in accordance with the equity proportion of the village Committee.5. The operation effect of “rural creative operators” will be assessed by the third party. According to the assessment results, the county finance will take out special funds to reward the “rural creative operators” with obvious operation effect and outstanding performance of 100,000-500,000 yuan.6. Apply for luanchuan tourism supervision card for the selected “rural creative operation division”, enjoy luanchuan 4A level above the ticket free policy.If you have any questions, you can contact luanchuan County rural operation special class, telephone 0379-66812345.(Luo Bao Rong media trainee reporter Lu Baiying correspondent Liu Pengcheng