Kiss in a new play by Huang Zitao and Song Zuer

2022-07-14 0 By

February 14th.The first trailer has been released for “Don’t fall in love with the boss”, a drama starring Huang Zitao and Song Zuer that tells the story of a grand dream back to school, a youthful love, make up for all the regrets, break through the obstacles of time and space, and deduct the fate of late love.They kiss a lot in the show, especially under fireworks, which is so sweet.From what we can see in the trailer, Don’t Fall in love with your Boss is a bit of a duet, with Huang Zitao and Song Zuer playing childish ghosts and acting like elementary school kids when they’re dating.I have to say, though, they seem like a good match.In one scene in the trailer, Princess Huang Zitao hugs Song, who screams, and it’s just so sweet.Many weibo users said they couldn’t laugh anymore. What kind of fairy dream pairing is Huang Zitao and Song Zu ‘er?It’s so hilarious. Two gorgeous couples, beautiful and handsome, can’t stop laughing just at the trailer.It’s really sweet and sweet.The cast also arranged the release of the trailer on February 14, Valentine’s Day, do not know whether it has aroused the audience before the screen friends want to fall in love with the girl heart?