Keep these points in mind when cooking tremella!Both nourishing and delicious

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Many people like to drink tremella soup, in winter to a bowl of steaming hot, crystal clear tremella soup as breakfast or as midnight snack and afternoon tea, nutrition and comfortable.Many beauty lovers also love to eat tremella, believing that it can replenish collagen and help us look beautiful.Can eat tremella really complement collagen?Eating tremella doesn’t add collagen but it has other benefits!Collagen is a major component of connective tissue in animals and is only found in animal food. Tremella fungus is not capable of producing collagen at all.In addition, collagen is a macromolecule substance and cannot be absorbed directly, so the efficiency of supplementing collagen by eating certain food materials is very low and almost cannot achieve the health care effect.”If there’s no collagen,” one might ask, “how come tremella soup is so sticky?”The gooey texture actually comes from tremella polysaccharide, a water-soluble dietary fiber.Tremella polysaccharide can not only promote the growth of intestinal probiotics and protect intestinal health, but also improve the ability of macrophages to phagocytic pathogens, improve the immune level of human body and help stabilize blood sugar.Lipofuscin is also called senile element. If it is deposited in the body, it is easy to accelerate the aging of organs, accelerate the generation of age spots, wrinkles and so on.Tremella polysaccharide can reduce lipofuscin deposition in myocardium and skin surface.In addition, tremella polysaccharide has a good water holding capacity, which helps to supplement the water needed by the body. Therefore, eating tremella often also has a certain effect on skin care.Many people say that they can not always cook the glue, if not the glue, the taste of tremella soup is poor.Today, small two will share with you boil tremella soup out of glue tips!First of all, choose high-quality tremella. Generally speaking, the sensory difference of tremella with different quality is very big. If you want to make tremella gel, you must first choose a high-quality tremella.1. The color of high-quality tremella is natural yellow-white without sulfur fumigation. If it is inferior, the color of fumigation with sulfur will be silver-white;If tremella color is dark yellow, flower incomplete, residual, pedicle is not clean, belongs to the poor quality.2. The shape of the tremella is complete, the ear flower is large and loose, the ear flesh is thick, there is a round umbrella, the diameter is generally more than three centimeters.Most importantly, there are no tips and no impurities.3. Smell High-quality tremella has a natural and fragrant smell, while tremella will become moldy when damp, which can smell sour or other smells. It is recommended not to buy tremella that has been treated with drugs.4. The water content of tremella tremella can be felt by hand, the quality of dry tremella tremella is flexible, rub the hand, and the ear piece is not easy to break;Hold the prickly hand, fragile, belong to excessive dry;Too much water content if you don’t prick your hand.Secondly, pay attention to the method of bubble hair tremella how bubble can be easier to glue, thick and delicious after cooking?Pay attention to the following three points: 1. Use cold water to soak tremella, put the roots of tremella upward, and then soak the tremella completely.Never use hot water, because tremella is rich in nutrients, high temperature can easily lead to nutrient loss, and also affect the taste of tremella.Warm water can be used in winter, but the temperature should not be too high.2. Time to soak Tremella is not the longer the better.Generally, it takes 3-4 hours to make tremella with cold water, and 1-2 hours with warm water.Many people soak it overnight and cook it the next day, but such a long time, especially now with the temperature rising, tremella is easy to breed a lot of bacteria, then eat these tremella, may be spoiled, will cause food poisoning.Reminder: it is recommended to eat how much bubble, do not soak a lot, if the soaking time is relatively long, the middle should pay attention to multiple changes of water, placed in a low temperature place.3. Keep the root of tremella and remove the pedicle part of the root after foaming, but keep the yellow part of the root, which is the concentration of glue. Many people remove the whole root, so the effect of glue is not ideal.When tearing tremella, tear along the grain to make glue more easily, and finally rinse once more, you can boil tremella.The Chinese women’s soccer team has won the gold medal.On the first day of the start of the Year of the Tiger, hongkou welcomed a crowd of people.Look quickly → Notification of a position-off