Describe the concentration of children before catching cicadas

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The poem “To catch cicadas, suddenly shut up.”It describes the children’s concentration before catching cicadas. 1.To catch cicadas chirping, it means to keep your mouth shut and stay still.It describes the innocence of children and the concentration of children before catching cicadas.The source of this line is Yuan Mei’s “Seeing”.2, “See” original author: Yuan Mei Dynasty: Qing shepherd boy riding a bull, Lin Yue song.Intending to catch cicadas, he suddenly stood silent.Through the comparison before and after, the description of children’s innocent and lively, to catch cicada concentration.3, wrote the poem the author accidentally see cowboy ride to sing want to capture a small matter of cicada, through the description of the natural environment and social life, painted a boy in the forest is innocent and happy picture, seems to be serious, but their memories, language lively freedom, appear straightforward, expressing the author affection of pastoral scenery.Extension:
Yuan Mei (1716-1797) was a poet and essayist of the Qing Dynasty.Word zi CAI, number Jian Zhai, old age since the number Cangshan lay, with the garden master, with the garden old man, Qiantang (today’s Hangzhou, Zhejiang) people.Qianlong four years of Jinshi, successive lishui, Jiangning county magistrate, with political achievements, at the age of 40 to return.In jiangning Xiaocang Mountain under the building with the garden, chanting.A wide range of poetry disciples, especially female disciples.Yuan Mei, together with Zhao Yi and Jiang Shiquan, was one of the representative poets of the Qianlong Period.