Cats often lick the back of “PAWS”, which originally implies these five meanings

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In the process of raising cats, the pooper will see cats lick their PAWS.In fact, cats lick “PAWS”, has these meanings.1, its PAWS were injured when the cat’s paw is injured, it will feel pain, so would have been licking his PAWS, hopes to lick way can ease the pain, so when the cat licked its claws, the owner can check the cat’s paw to have injuries, if it is a simple minor injuries, can handle himself in the home, if it is serious,Need to be sent to the pet hospital treatment.2, on the body of the parasite if the cat has parasites, then these parasites will be in the various parts of the cat’s body activity, the cat will feel itching, when the parasite in the paw, the cat will lick the paw, so that their itching symptoms.3, their own clean body cat is very clean, it often through licking hair to keep their own body clean, so when the cat’s PAWS are dirty, the cat will lick there, do the cleaning work.Interphalangitis occurs when a cat’s PAWS become infected with parasites, bacteria and fungi.To relieve the pain, the cat will constantly lick its PAWS.If the cat is suffering from interphalangitis, owners can disinfect the cat with alcohol and apply the relevant ointment, so that the cat will recover faster.5, there is anxiety when the cat mood is more anxious, the heart feel pressure, the cat will lick their claws, by licking their claws to ease their pressure.In order not to keep the cat in an anxious mood, the owner can play with the cat to divert the cat’s attention. When playing with the cat, you can use snacks as an auxiliary.When raising a cat, the excrement manager should not only pay attention to the meaning behind the cat’s behavior, but also pay more attention to the health problems of the cat’s diet.Because most cats’ intestines and stomach are fragile, they are prone to diarrhea and diarrhea. Therefore, it is recommended that owners eat a cat food containing probiotics to regulate the intestines and stomach and promote the balance of the intestine.Conclusion: Does your cat lick its PAWS a lot?