Last 30 days of UGC: I passed middle school subject 2 by memorizing this alone

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Once there was a valuable section two preparation materials in front of me, I did not cherish, did not take a good back, the results……I hung up!Why hang that, is because I am too lazy, have no heart to back!For course 2, I feel there is no what method to compare take data to carry back directly more direct and effective!So, I hope to see this article is about to want to take an examination of course 2 “educational knowledge and ability”, make good use of this data, carry over!This set of information is divided into a round of review and two rounds of review, a round of review is mainly for the key knowledge of each chapter, and the second round of review is for the examination of the big questions to summarize the key need to recite the part.The figure below is the round review part of this material: in this part, it will clearly mark out the question type and probability of a knowledge point in each chapter and section in the exam!For example, number 23 in the picture above: Why does school education play a leading role in people’s physical and mental development?Marked often take an examination of the question type for short answer, need to recite, 16 years in the first half of the year, 21 years in the second half of the year also just took an examination of, so 22 in the first half of the year to take an examination of the probability is not big!Students in the review of the time should also be combined with notes to have a choice of learning, otherwise the learning intensity will be very large!The second part is the second round of review, which is the important test point of discrimination, short answer and material analysis.Still have summary of calendar year short answer, differentiate and analyze, generally speaking of nearly 3 years are unlikely to repeat an examination, the true calendar year with long years must take an examination of at least one!So we can relax for nearly three years, more than three years, recite well, when doing the real questions to write to deepen memory, it is likely to appear when the exam!In view of material analysis, there are templates for reference, can not answer the reference study.This set of materials is for the secondary school subject “Educational Knowledge and Ability”, its original source should be “cow information”, the above picture is presented by me on the basis of the old version of information added a new arrangement, only for learning and communication, not for commercial use!Some people in the market under the guise of the latest version of 2022 are fake, because the original author said that this year’s key template information will not be updated, those people are the old version of the year changed to 2022, in order to attract candidates to buy!We must pay attention to this situation when buying, and also hope that all reselling information partners can respect copyright, because the creation is really not easy, it is our let’s say, not our do not blind recognition!Finally, I hope everyone can get the certificate smoothly!Need above information comment or private letter!Feel useful, help a praise or comment!