5 you do not know decorate cold knowledge, did sunken porch, just know dustproof has much fierce

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Every link of decoration is very important, we need to consider a variety of factors, but there is always a difference between expectation and reality, many beginning to feel very good design gradually become “chicken ribs”, some once looked up to the unpopular design is very practical, the heart into endless regret……Here arranged a few to decorate the design in cold door for everybody, did see your home?1. Hallway dustproof hallway dustproof?Of course, it’s the area closest to the outside world, and it’s also the most likely to get dirty.The dust from the sole of the shoe, the dust from the crack in the door…All piled in this area, if there is no dust-proof area, dust will be blown to the home, for usually busy work people, cleaning every day really tired ah!The indoor space will be slightly higher than the porch, even if the wind blows the ash in will be blocked, and cleaning the whole home compared to just clean the porch will be more relaxed!This kind of design is to come true through wearing tall interior space, how many can sacrifice the height of a point, the word of layer discretion does not wear too tall, have a few centimeters discretion difference, can block ash to go.If your home is relatively high, you can try the following design, a bit higher, not only to block ash more thoroughly, but also can sit on the steps to change shoes, and even change the shoe stool are not installed.Step should not be too high, 15cm or so, to prevent accidental fall.The dust mat has been decorated family, there is no way to design sunken porch, we might as well put a dust mat in the hall, step on in front of the door, can also deal with most of the dust.Dustproof pad to choose wear-resistant, decontamination effect of good material, such as: rubber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc..2. The kitchen high and low table to wash vegetables and prepare vegetables to bend over, but to wear the arm, a meal is not waist acid, is arm pain, for often cooking partners, such a table is not very “friendly”.How to solve it?The sink area is slightly higher than the cooking preparation area, and it is more comfortable to use without bending over or lifting arms.As to the height of processing stage, or the height that should with cook person is accurate, it is premise with integral height, add 8-10cm or so to cistern area can.When designing high and low platform, we should pay attention to: (1) we must find reliable workers to do it, otherwise it is easy to cause problems such as cracking and leakage.② The dirt on the edge of the gap should be cleaned in time, and it is not easy to clean for a long time.If you are a small family, consider a booth design.Booth will not take up too much space, any corner can be designed, small family with it can not only save space, the bottom can increase the receiving area.In fact, the most commonly used is still in the restaurant.In order to ensure comfort, the size of the booth must be reasonable.For example: depth: 550-650mm;The distance between the booth and the table: 450-500mm;Seat distance from the ground: 420-450mm;Distance from the table top to the ground: 720-750mm;Best Angle for sitting back: 95° is the most comfortable.Note: (1) The booth cannot be moved after installation. It must be preset in advance before design.The reception of the card is divided into upturn type, front door type and drawer type, try to choose the front door type and drawer type, take things more convenient.4. Some indoor Windows are very long and narrow, or single-side lighting in the door type, there will be indoor light is weak, poor air mobility, then might as well do indoor Windows, can improve the optimization of lighting and ventilation problems to a certain extent.Note that indoor Windows can only be made in non-load-bearing walls, load-bearing walls, counterweight walls, shear walls are not acceptable.If necessary, you can also build walls and open interior Windows, but not recommended for small houses.Need the word of disjunctive space, had better cut off with glass directly.Window size besides considering daylighting and ventilation factor, consider appearance level problem even.Window frame, suggest large window with thin frame, small window with thick frame, more durable look a few.5. Skirting Evolution Traditional skirting has always been unaesthetic and very existential.Aesthetic improvement, technology is also in progress, the evolution of the skirting line is more and more beautiful, its characteristics are more distinctive.The skirting line is thinner and the sense of existence is weaker. Most people’s skirting line is 3-6cm, and the narrow one is more delicate and adds a sense of line to the space.Skirting line is invisible, or directly without skirting line, so that the space looks integrated, create a more advanced home decoration atmosphere, minimalist style commonly used in this design, but also more and more popular with modern young people.No skirting line can be achieved by wall grooving, wall grooving is the most economical way, the depth and height of the groove can be calculated based on the size of the floor and wall ground leveling.Ceramic tile or floor is inserted when laid ground inside reserved groove, aperture is filled with gesso, joint of wall ground can hit glue processing.If it is wood floor, remember to reserve expansion joints.If the original wall does not support grooving, the gypsum board wall can be thickened, and the floor and floor tiles can be inserted into the grooves along the reserved grooves below.Although this construction is a bit troublesome, it also saves the steps of the original wall leveling, but we should also pay attention to the reserved size of the groove and the problem of expansion joints.Or with close edge will replace kicking crural line also is right method, general floor, floor tile can have form a complete set to close edge material, woodiness or metal is in the majority, installation is not difficult also.Attention should be paid to the construction: in the wall to find usually close to the original ground, so that the edge strip can completely cover the edge of the floor.PS: some pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!