The municipal fire and rescue brigade went deep into key units under its jurisdiction to help and guide the work during the Spring Festival

2022-07-12 0 By

For further promote the fire prevention and control work during the Spring Festival, emphasizing key units of fire control safety responsibility system, enhance the level of fire safety management, effectively prevent and curb major workplace fire accident happened, for days, city fire rescue brigade “fire service” in-depth jurisdiction key units to carry out the support during Spring Festival.Brigade fire prevention supervisors of key units on fire control safety equipment is equipped with a complete, sound and effective, whether unit staff conduct fire control safety training, organize fire drill, whether to set up the fire emergency plan, rules and regulations, the personnel on duty whether on-the-job office, whether the case such as fire prevention inspections on a regular basis to check them one by one.In view of the problems found in the inspection, the brigade fire prevention supervisor urged the relevant person in charge in accordance with the requirements, quickly rectification.At the same time, the unit responsible person to always put safety in the first place, focus on fire prevention work, strictly implement the rules and regulations and management measures, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the operation, put an end to violations of rules and regulations, prevent the occurrence of serious fire accidents.And the problems found in the inspection process, the brigade fire prevention supervisor to correct in a timely manner, and combined with the actual situation of the unit, in order to optimize the rectification plan of the working principle, to help the unit scientific development of hidden trouble rectification plan.Through the festival during the initiative to help and guide the work, the timely elimination of a number of fire hazards, effectively solve the problems and difficulties in the fire safety work of the units to be helped, enhance the relevant personnel fire hazard investigation and rectification ability, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents.(Dong Hui)