Is this the most perverted emperor in the Qing Dynasty?

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Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty said that Yongzheng was the emperor who killed the most people in the qing Dynasty. To what extent?Not just living people, but people who’ve been dead for 50 years.Yongzheng dug him out of the tomb and cut off his head with a whip.In the poem, Yongzheng also beheaded all the men in the family, and took the children and women as slave apprentices and executed them by volley.So who is this guy?Why did Yongzheng hate him so much?Today, we will tell the story of lu Liuliang, the first major case in the Qing Dynasty literary Prison.In September of the sixth year of Yongzheng, General Yue Zhongqi received a letter.What does this letter say?Second, Yongzheng killed his father and forced his mother to death, which was cruel and inhumane. Third, Yongzheng was greedy of money and extorted the common people, which made people angry and angry.And the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, in short, ah, is the Yongzheng scold dog blood drenchhead, Ann offended the name is also multifarious?Yue Zhongqi was surprised.It said that the ruler of the Manchu Qing dynasty was a barbarian and not worthy of entering the Central Plains. It also said that yue Zhongqi was the descendant of Yue Fei, so you should inherit yue Fei’s ambition and lead troops to rebel to maintain the rule of the Han Nationality.Yue zhongqi was scared out of his wits by saying such things.Who is yue Zhongqi?He was the governor of Sichuan and Shaanxi at that time, and he was a general with a heavy army. But he was a Han, and the imperial court was already hostile to the use of Han.If this gets out, it will be hard to argue, jumping into the Yellow River will not be clear.More general lest they received the complicity, the messenger people immediately arrested torture, just ask this messenger scholar called zhang, is directed by the master, to persuade YueZhongQi collusion, and the conditions, they have been in force against jiangxi, yunnan and other places in the process of the qing dynasty, is waiting for YueZhongQi resonate with many.Zhang Xi was a hard – spoken man and refused to say more except to ask Yue Zhongqi to conspire against the Qing Dynasty.Yue Zhongqijian torture behind the instigation of the people, had to change the way of thinking, that is to pretend to surrender.He spoke kindly to Zhang Xi and pretended to be persuaded to conspire against him and agree with the rebellion.Zhang Xi saw and believed.He told the whole story, and revealed the mastermind behind it, his master had.The mastermind surfaced, Yue Zhongqi cleaned up, neatly caught once back.At the same time, he also in six days on three close fold, this matter quietly reported to Yongzheng.As soon as Yongzheng heard of this, Longyan was furious and praised Yue Zhongqi at first. Then, he began to carry out a thorough investigation with great fanfare.The purpose of this case was to find the culprit, who, after all, had been nothing but a craven scholar, who would not have dared to rebel even if he had been given ten pieces of courage.Unable to resist the torture, he had soon come clean.Originally, this ceng jing was born in the hinterland, this is a scholar, but he repeatedly failed, how also failed to rise to the top, can only rely on teaching apprentices.End official career is not smooth, let ceng jing heart unsatisfied, complain.He happened to see an article written by Lu Liuliang, in which the differences between The Chinese and the Barbarians and the opposition to the Manchu And Qing dynasties won his approval.Zeng Jing was overjoyed and regarded Lv as his mentor.Who was Lu Liuliang?Anti-qing zhi, would rather cut his hair to become a monk, rather than go to the Qing Dynasty, it can be seen that he hated the Qing dynasty, his poems and works also expressed anti-Qing thoughts.However, he had died as early as the Kangxi Dynasty. He had sent his student Zhang Xi to Lv Liuliang’s home in Zhejiang province to collect poetry anthology, and kept close contact with his students.They had the idea to rebel together, but they were just a few scholars and could not make any big waves.The anti-Qing forces in Jiangxi and Yunnan mentioned by Zhang Xi were certainly not true.That’s where the whole thing falls into place.A few poor and frustrated han scholars wanted to rebel, but they did not have the ability.In principle, it should be killed, but Yongzheng did not think so.Yongzheng believed that the first reason for Zeng jing’s rebellion was the idea of Hua Yi spread by Lu Liuliang, which was also deeply rooted in the minds of many Han Chinese.The second reason is the message that he usurped power and killed his father to force his mother.By the fifth or sixth year of Yongzheng, these rumors became more and more serious. The villagers did not know the truth and believed in such royal secrets, which had a great impact on the image of Yongzheng.It is also these messages, let once this kind of villain believe, not hesitate to attempt rebellion with this.Yongzheng needed an opportunity to recover the public sentiment, calm down the public opinion, solve the concept of Hua Yi of Manchu and Han nationality, and maintain the face of the royal family, and Zeng Jing’s case just gave him this opportunity.Yongzheng asked all the people who thought That Yongzheng was a tyrant and had the same ideas as Zeng Jing and Lu Liuliang to realize that their ideas were wrong, so as to correct the atmosphere of public opinion and maintain the rule of the Qing Dynasty.Therefore, he should not die, but live a good life. He should completely repent and sincerely correct his mistakes. He should live to praise the virtues of Yongzheng and become a typical example of Yongzheng’s education of his subjects.Lv Liuliang was an abettor of heinous crimes. His thoughts had secretly poisoned many people, and he must be severely punished with an iron fist.Therefore, in yongzheng eight years to ten years of two years, Yongzheng constantly issued a decree, said to put zeng Jing and other people, to punish Lv Liuliang.But Lu Liuliang had been dead for half a century. How could it be prolonged?Yongzheng ordered his body to be dug up from the grave and whipped. He then cut off his head, confiscating all the property of the Lu family.All those who were related to Lv Liuliang, such as those who helped him to carve books, collect his books, set up tablets and visited his ancestral temple, were beheaded and exiled. The case was involved in a wide range of cases and lasted for a long time, which was the largest in history.Therefore, such a small case, under the impetus of Yongzheng, soon became a huge case, he not only to handle, but also to handle.Let the whole world know about this matter and criticize Lu Liuliang. The more the matter affects, the more favorable yongzheng’s rule will be.To this end, he specifically on the words in the letter one by one.Yongzheng did not shy away from explaining how he succeeded to the throne, whether he had killed his father and brother, and what kind of person the emperor really was.He argued between the emperor and his subjects, and finally compiled a book called The Record of The Fans of Great Righteousness, which he ordered to be distributed throughout the country.The case lasted more than five years and finally ended in the 12th year of Yongzheng.This is the famous Case of Lu Liuliang in qing Dynasty.