Exposure Wu Lei next home has appeared, Wu Xi said that the team boss can come to play the main force

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In the latest round of La Liga, Wu was once again on the bench, the kind of substitute who didn’t need to warm up.This has happened many times in la Liga this season, wu lei was able to play before, but now it is seven consecutive games without a minute of record.Such a situation, on the one hand and the head coach of the team about the use of persons, on the other hand may be around the rumors around Wu Lei.It is reported that Wu Lei will leave Espanyol, and his teammates in The Chinese national football Team also accidentally let slip during a live broadcast that Wu Lei will leave espanyol and move to another team to find another starting point in the winter transfer period.Wu is now back with the national team, preparing for the two round of 12 matches against Japan and Vietnam.Wu Lei returned to the national team mood is good, looks talking and laughing, face also relaxed a lot.Yes, in the national team, he is the biggest star of The National football team, has a pivotal position, and is surrounded by familiar friends, playing with them is naturally happy.But at the club, Wu lei’s situation is completely different.In Espanyol, Wu lei is surrounded by a group of familiar teammates, but it feels like a group of strangers.Wu Lei’s situation alone not only can’t get the appreciation of the head coach, but also felt the isolation of his teammates. Playing football in such an environment does not have much meaning.On the court, no matter how Wu Lei is in training, he has to rank behind all strikers.In fact, in Espanyol, in addition to the thigh de Thomas, the team’s other strikers who do not say who, are half catty against eight two, who are about the same.However, Wu Lei is not the opportunity to play, was dead press on the bench.As the team’s old players, in fact, Wu Lei on this team really worthy of due diligence, team relegation did not choose to leave.But the result that does not leave does not abandon however is the team abandoned Wu Lei, at present Wu Lei has become the team completely “water dispenser manager”.If it goes on like this, you are putting your career at risk.And have a word to call tree move dead cast live, perhaps Wu Lei changes an environment, can have different performance.It is below such background, this winter window, the transfer information about Wu Lei should be the most since he stays abroad.So wu Lei’s next home will be that team?Earlier, Spain 4 had reported that Wu Lei’s next home will be Aravis, and the two sides have reached a preliminary agreement.The newspaper even claimed that the club’s owner admired Wu and said he would be able to play first team football if he joined Alaves.However, the German transfer news, Wu Lei’s transfer to Aravis probability of only 19%.So was Wu Lei’s next home Aravis or not?In fact, during wu lei’s live chat with wu Xi, the captain of the National football team and his good friend, Wu Xi accidentally let slip some important information.At that time, two people in the line, Wu Xi had asked Wu Lei to bring a shirt he gave him back in the club.Results in the chat, accidentally said two words, almost will Wu Lei’s new employer to say directly.The word wu Xi said was “Allah”, which he thought was inappropriate and changed immediately, and he and Wu Lei both laughed to ease the embarrassment.However, Wu Xi’s careless, let the fans found some clues, after all, called “Ala” at the beginning of the team is not many, before it was reported that Wu Lei will join Aravis, so that the two words on the corresponding.Wu Lei’s next house will probably be Aravis.In fact, if Wu Lei can really join Aravis, it is really a great thing.Alaves forward inside, at present only center jose Lu reliable, Wu Lei went to play on the main force is a large probability of things.And Jose Lu is a tall center, and Wu Lei’s style just complementary.If you do not understand the fans, you can refer to Wu Lei just arrived in Spain, with the main center iglesias can understand.Maybe Wu Lei can really start his second stint in La Liga.At present, Wu lei is at ease with the national team to play in the round of 12, maybe he will join other teams, after the two games will be made public.