Burning the Will: what are the steps that a character needs to take shape?

2022-07-12 0 By

Everyone is well, misty summer fungus report.The game is currently involved in the development of a lot of content, so a new character, from the beginning to the final shape of the general steps, this round to see what steps.1. Upgrade, star promotion and breakthrough are basically carried out together, which is also the basic project of character development. When all the three items are filled, the character’s talents, skills and support can be opened, and the character development takes shape.Then some characters have awakening, that is to the character after 8 stars, if 8 stars do not see the awakening button, then see if they are not broken or not full.2, attachment & training role development of the second stage, attachment and training are now more time, attachment want to brush to gold, generally have an 80 or 90 times, good luck may be less, bad luck is more.And even if you brush it hundreds of times, there’s still a whole bunch of purple souls, so sanity possessed.Training is now 100% successful, so in theory as long as you slow down, you can definitely pull full.In fact, level 1~10 is easier to fill up, but the subsequent sprint training, because the amount of books and access to sprint training are too few, it is really difficult to do.3. Equipment refining & recasting Equipment needs refining and recasting.Refining is good, new players may be early resources are not enough, but after boil down, refining basically will not be too short of resources.Refine equipment as much as possible by +20 for a 20% increase in equipment stats.Recasting is brush equipment entry, very eat money to develop, but also according to one’s ability, do not go to the head.Dare crazy brush recasting only two types of players, one is the mine at home, the other is he is doing the game internal test.4, drilling & gemstone equipment drilling, this thing is huge, the essential stone needed for drilling, access to rare, most of the gold.And dozens of hundreds of essence stone can not open a hole is also common.Hand in the bottom, this test I tried, 5 holes hit 6 holes the most outrageous time can eat thousands of essence stone, this your top words directly exploded.On the other hand, there are also good luck, you will find yourself 4 holes to expand 5 holes successfully, then 5 holes to expand 6 holes also along with a success, so metaphysical, so the punch is not successful, it is best to slowly calm down.Gems, this is not much to say, save slowly.You want to make a bit more colorful gems, little not to take krypton money, that colorful gems exchange activities really don’t fancy, hope slim.The rest is just a few bits and pieces, titles, home skills, ship skills, formations, fashions, drugs, maps, etc., which can only be boiled down over time.Don’t want to cook?That would be hard krypton.Nurturant kind of game, inevitably will involve krypton gold, really want white piao or very difficult.Well, that’s the end of this round. Thanks for reading. Bye.