The world: the tragic fate of Zheng Juan, is the real winner

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The TV series in the world, since the broadcast ratings are high, the costumes are very beautiful, is also an era in which the unique sense of joint, the show a lot of old play bone, many viewers also that, after watching the think of the TV series, has brought together a lot of it is almost impossible to appear at the same time,Yin Tao’s Zheng Juan has become one of the most iconic characters in the drama since she appeared in it. Although she is 42 years old, she still looks like she is in her 20s.Zheng Juan this person’s fate is also very sad, god gave her a pair of beautiful skin, but gave her a poor family, Zheng Juan mother is old, has no source of income, although at ordinary times do some small business, but even difficult to maintain the basic household expenses, she has a brother, eyesight is not very good all the time,Zheng Juan’s mother had hoped that her daughter could marry a good family, so as to help her family, but the day before the wedding, Zheng Juan’s husband thought he had made a mistake and died.In the so-called first marriage, Zheng Juan didn’t get anything, she just got some stigma, after the death of hadron in Zheng Juan also is very not friendly, always in the back, the most important thing is Zheng Juan also pregnant, in those days, the girl’s reputation is very important, Zheng Juan of such a thing happened on me, she later I’m afraid it is hard to remarry a badly,Zheng Juan is therefore a bit of self-abandonment, she is also full of hostility to the boys around.Until Zheng Juan met Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Bingkun this person was more heavy sentiment, after my sister and brother to the countryside, Zhou Bingkun and his mother lived alone, although also has a job in the city, but also is hard, can only be basic to maintain their spending, but the family don’t have any extra spending, Zhou Bingkun life is carefree,Zhou Bingkun saw Zheng Juan for the first time, was attracted by the beauty of Zheng Juan, later is attracted by the toughness of Zheng Juan body, he is silently guarding Zheng Juan.But Zheng Juan side, there is always a lot of things happen, then LuoShiBin started difficult Zheng Juan again, this time for Zheng Juan Zhou Bingkun choice, it is because of this matter, let Zhou Bingkun directly to the bottom of life, it also let Zheng Juan fate more miserable, because she has encountered this life such a thing twice,People around more feel That Zheng Juan is an ominous person, at the same time this thing is also a good thing, because she completely changed the fate of Zheng Juan, Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun because of this thing, the feeling is better.Zheng Juan became the real winners finally, she always had this lifetime side Zhou Bingkun protection, although family situation is not good, but after meet Zhou Bingkun, a change has taken place, with her situation, even remarriage is looking for a bigger man old, Zhou Bingkun conditions so good, like Zheng Juan girl, actually there is no chance,Sometimes the opportunity is also very important, Zheng Juan so retreat, become zhou Bingkun kun’s heart of cinnabar mole, the last two people are together to old, compared to other heroine, Zheng Juan’s outcome, really very happy.