Social Security Fund security firewall

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First, organizational leadership is in place.The leaders of the Center attach great importance to fund security, place fund security in an important position of the center, clarify the division of responsibilities, and form a supervision system of social security fund that is personally managed by the main leaders and specifically managed by the leaders.Sorting out and improving the fund supervision system, establishing the report and analysis system of major and difficult cases, improving the fund information reporting system, establishing the investigation and transfer mechanism of social security fraud cases, and establishing the joint investigation and treatment mechanism of social security fraud cases with the district public security, judicial, court and other departments.Strictly check the examination and approval procedures, prevent false declaration of facts from the source, to avoid losses of social security funds.Second, learning and education are in place.In line with the principle of taking the problem to learn, with the purpose to learn, with the task to learn, since March this year, from each unit room selected a cadre to the city bureau counterpart business section for a week of more than zero distance, face to face with class exchange learning, effectively improve the cadre and worker’s actual work ability and ability to solve difficult problems.Issued by the social insurance fund security warning education “month” activity implementation plan “, through the lesson a week, vigorously promotes the business promotion education, education and discipline constraint, anti-corruption education, to watch the warning educational way, reporting violations of typical case of sustained warning education, staff conscientiously accomplish heart be feared, it is to quit, stop line.Third, self-examination and self-correction.By earnestly implementing early warning and verification, establishing and improving the management system, giving full play to the responsibilities of regulatory bodies, and opening up channels for public supervision, we will pay close attention to important posts, key links, and key personnel, and carefully identify deficiencies and risks in our work.Implement the requirements of internal control, realize the supervision in the process and in advance, and carry out daily supervision and inspection of 53 items in 10 aspects, including early retirement approval, abnormal pension payment and treatment approval, on a regular and irregular basis.Through self-investigation, more than 90,000 yuan was recovered for repeatedly receiving pension benefits and illegally receiving unemployment insurance benefits.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: