New Year’s Eve must do 3 hard dishes, delicious and easy to do, learned to do for the family to eat, on the table is especially popular

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Guide language: New Year’s Eve must do 3 hard dishes, delicious and easy to do, learned to do for the family to eat, on the table special hot fast New Year’s day, there is less than half a month of time, the mood is very excited, when the time can show their skills to do a table of good dishes for the family, watching them eat happy, I am also happy.What should we do for New Year’s Eve dinner?If you don’t have a clue, don’t worry. Read more and learn more and you will have a good idea.My New Year’s Eve will do these 3 hard dishes, people see people love, delicious and easy to do, detailed practice to share with you, learned to do the New Year’s day to family to eat, on the table is especially popular!Come and see, when the time is easy to show a hand, let a person shine at the moment, have a happy year!The first dish – braised spareribs rice cake braised in soy sauce dish red like fire, looking festive, with spareribs as the main ingredients, everyone likes to eat, suitable for young and old, and with the New Year must eat rice cake, it is different, but also contains good wishes, I hope the family can be promoted step by step in the future, over the better.Practice: prepare a jin of spareribs, appropriate amount of rice cake, it is recommended to use strips, and then prepare ginger, green onion, rock sugar, star anise, dry pepper, light soy sauce, braised soy sauce, salt.Chop chop small section put cold water bubble 10 minutes, wash several times over and over again, and then make comparison into the pot, add cold water to a boil, remove foam, blood boil remove to water control in two minutes.Add a little oil in the pot, burn to 40 or 50 into the heat, pour the ribs into the pot, fry the ribs dry, fry until slightly yellow, add rock sugar, light soy sauce, soy sauce stir-fry, stir fry color after adding boiling water.Add slices of ginger, scallion, star anise and chili (don’t use it), boil with high fire, open the lid, turn down the heat and simmer.Simmer until the ribs are thoroughly cooked. Simmer for 1 hour in a normal pot and 20 minutes to half an hour in a pressure cooker. After simmering, remove the scallions and pour into the rice cake.When the rice cake becomes soft, remove the lid, add salt and stir-fry to reduce the sauce, so that the sauce thickens and wraps around the ribs and rice cake.If you want to make the color more red, soy sauce can be switched to sugar color, rock sugar and oil fire fry can, can not fry sugar color friends directly use soy sauce, a little more.Second course — Dry stir-fried spicy chicken this dish is mainly made of chicken. In order to taste good, the special chicken leg is better. After dry stir-fried, the numbing and spicy taste is too satisfying.Practice: prepare four or five chicken legs, do small then reduce the amount of chicken legs, and then prepare cooking wine, ginger, garlic, pepper, dry pepper, light soy sauce, pepper, sugar, want this dish delicious, more accessories.Chop the chicken legs into small pieces, not too big, keep the bones, chop them and wash them with water, wash them several times to remove the blood and water, remove them after washing.The water must be controlled dry, pour into the bowl add cooking wine, salt, light soy sauce, pepper, sugar, ginger, onion, hand repeatedly mix a few times, pickled for half an hour.For the marinade, cut the dried chillies into small pieces, chop the garlic, mince the ginger and chop the scallions.After marinating, add oil in the pot, heat the chicken and fry it until it is slightly yellow. When all is fried, heat it again, pour the chicken back into the pot, fry it until it is golden and remove it, so that the surface of the chicken becomes drier, so that it is delicious.Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add onion, ginger, garlic, sichuan pepper, dried pepper and stir fry for a few times. After the fragrance is fried, add the chicken and continue to stir fry. Because it is cooked, it does not need to stir-fry for too long, but do not need to add water to stew, let the chicken absorb the flavor of the seasoning.Finally, put the white sesame seeds and stir fry them evenly, so that the dry stir-fried spicy chicken is done. It tastes like a restaurant, especially delicious.The third way — how can there be no fish during the Spring Festival?If you think braised fish, steamed fish is too common, then do this squirrel fish, beautiful and delicious, sweet and sour taste is suitable for young and old, especially children see this dish very like, can choose perch to do, not afraid of children eat fish card throat, this dish implies more than every year, the future is thriving, happy and healthy.Practice: prepare a bass, a bag of cassava starch, ginger, scallion, tomato sauce, white vinegar, sugar, cooking wine, pepper, eggs, salt, cooking oil.Bass clean enough to scales, gills and internal organs, blood is removed, cut the bass head down after rinse, cutter on the top of the barb slowly toward the lower, cut to the tail don’t cut off, the other side will continue to deal with, two fish pieces down, put in the middle of the fishbone cut off, so that make to tail attached to two pure fish.Then make a cross knife on the surface of the fish.Fish into the bowl, add ginger, green onion, salt, pepper, cooking wine mix evenly, then put an egg mix, marinate for 20 minutes.Pickle adjust a bowl of juice, bowl add a spoonful of white vinegar, a spoonful of white sugar, tomato sauce, like sour point add vinegar, like dessert add sugar.Put a little bit of starch in the dish, take the fish out, lift it up to control the juices, put it in the starch, and when it’s stuck, gently pat off any excess starch, making sure there’s all the starch in the crevice, and that every grain of meat is loose and not sticky.Add oil in the pot, heat up after the fish fried, fried into golden brown fish, fish head also wrapped in a layer of starch fried, fried fish meat first grasp both ends, fish side first contact oil surface, fried finalize the design put in the whole fried.Then put the fish head and fish in the pan, leave the bottom oil in the pot, pour the sauce to boil, and then add a little starch to thicken.And then you get a nice nice squirrelfish on the surface.The above three dishes are hard dishes, which can be done at any time, quickly collect, Chinese New Year use.My share is over here, like me, please follow me.