Yang Zi’s new drama official announcement, official weibo and a new notice, fixed broadcast is not far away

2022-07-10 0 By

Yang Zi’s new drama official announcement, official weibo and a new notice, fixed broadcast is not far away.Many fans are waiting for Yang Zi and Cheng Yi to star in “Aloes such as Dust”. The trailer contains many wonderful plots, fresh painting style and delicate emotions, which has become the white moonlight and meaning of many hearts. It will be broadcast in 2022 this year, and the broadcast time is more expected.In the New Year’s official micro refresh notice, but not as fans would like no fixed file news, is released a New Year’s video, and the leading role in the group have come to the audience ahead of the New Year, some fans have said that the fixed file broadcast is not far away, do you think you can wait for the official micro welfare?Yang Zi does not say to set a person to set first, modelling is really too pleasing to the eye, with a few pieces of temperament still shine, has been the attention of many fans and audience and ridicule ceaseless, it is really very good-looking, look at the eyes empty, eyes big without god, also can give a person a kind of pleasing to the eye feeling.Some people say that this combination is the post-00 Chengyi, the appearance level is not enough to look at, especially the milk candy kiss, kiss and hug, fancy kiss play burst milk and sugar married, always like to burst into blood to express, and the male hero Yang Yang pinched the cold sweat, since then the body has been labeled “walking vomiting blood”.In addition to the photos and the new trailer, there are a lot of dramas to be aired in the future, the scheduled airing is not far away, and there are also a lot of new roles to meet with the audience. In the past, she could not hold, they are not mainstream roles.One is a lonely student, the other is a boy in tree department, how difficult it is to play the new role, there is no need to worry about when the series will be broadcast, it will be broadcast in April this year.But Cheng Yi’s courage in trying different roles is definitely commendable.Although not fans, but the voice is still Yang Zi, she is still into the pit, I still very fond of powder or Yang Zi, has not been broadcast, all this is uncertain.Whether it’s bias or true, let’s put aside the criticism and wait until it’s aired before we give our opinion.People always have to improve on the way from failing to passing, it takes time to cross boundaries.