Is there a scientific reason to exercise more before the age of 40, less after the age of 50 and no exercise at the age of 60?

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Whether you want to control your weight or exercise, you can usually do it if you develop a good routine.There are some people who still look their age at 50 because they keep exercising, and there are some people who run 5km every day and have better legs and feet than younger people.Exercise has many benefits, but it also depends on whether you can stick to it. In recent years, there have been other voices questioning the necessity of exercise, especially as we age, whether we should continue to exercise has become a topic of discussion.Is there a scientific reason for “exercise more before 40, less after 50, and no exercise at 60”?Many people think that the elderly should strengthen exercise, so as to better avoid rapid aging of joints in the body, but experts have put forward a different opinion, in their mind that daily exercise should follow: “exercise more before the age of 40, exercise less after the age of 50, do not exercise after the age of 60.”Elderly people are not as strong as young people. They did not think about exercise when they were young, but only realized the importance of daily exercise when they were older. It is natural to keep doing exercise, so we must keep doing exercise in daily life, and the elderly will not completely give up exercise.
02 elderly people suffering from heart disease if you don’t have to completely give up movement itself of suffering from heart disease, whether the young or the old, for physical exercise should be vigilant, don’t force a project with higher intensity, this could cause heart pressure is too large, lead to life-threatening.So for the elderly with heart disease itself, we must choose some slow movement, as long as the control of movement time, to avoid excessive burden to the heart and lung of the human body, as long as 15~20 minutes can be insisted.Diabetic patients with appropriate exercise helps to control blood sugar in the body, is to pay attention to, do not choose high intensity, at the same time do not get up after exercise.The main reason is that in the morning, the blood sugar of the human body is often low. If you do physical exercise at this time, it may cause damage to your health because of the sharp drop in blood sugar.Leg and foot inconvenience for the existence of joint damage or is not convenient to sell the elderly, should be appropriate to reduce the number of exercise, this is very necessary, otherwise it is likely to cause further damage to leg health because of excessive exercise.But it’s important to be clear that older adults with leg health problems may also be sitting for long periods of time.This situation is bound to affect human metabolism and blood circulation, the weather is better, can be appropriate in the indoor activities, can better maintain the health of the body, if the physical condition allows, can go outside to appropriately walk, promote the blood circulation of the legs is very good.Eye all day, regardless of age, don’t give up sports and maintenance, as long as within the scope of the body can withstand, choose scientific and reasonable according to the actual situation of exercise and sports, not only won’t cause harm to body health, but also can achieve very good enhance heart lungs function, promote the body metabolism, preventing indigestion.The elderly in the process of exercise, do not try to be brave, especially in the physical discomfort or physical strength of the state, but also to stop exercise as soon as possible, timely detection of physical condition.Guide to Summer Regimen