Central urban area: “We stand good guard, the masses have a good New Year”

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The streets are filled with a festive atmosphere during the Spring Festival.And behind the peace and harmony, is the silent guard of different posts.In recent days, the front-line cadres and workers in the city area stick to their respective fronts, with energetic New Year outlook, with the dedication of “we stand good guard, the masses have a good New Year”, for the “Taste of the New Year” to write the most reassuring notes.”There is no small home without everyone.”I will make 100 percent efforts to ensure that the quarantined people pass the quarantine period smoothly and firmly guard the quarantine checkpoint.”Gao Liyun, working at a centralized quarantine observation point in the city.This year, she spent a special Spring Festival with quarantined people.During the festival, the health system of the city and the cadres and workers of all units and departments in the district made joint efforts to tighten the safety line of epidemic prevention and control.In the centralized isolation post, the staff strictly according to the isolation management measures and requirements, detailed every procedure, with a high sense of responsibility and full of enthusiasm to ensure the orderly operation of the isolation point.In the post of supervision and law enforcement, law enforcement personnel continued to carry out supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control in medical institutions and public places, and took concrete actions to ensure “no closing time” during festivals.At vaccination posts, medical staff steadily promoted vaccination work to fully meet the needs of the masses for vaccination.In the joint prevention and control posts, officials and employees of all departments and units actively went to the joint prevention and control communities to guard the door and stand guard for the people.On the road, is the central district urban management Bureau first-line urban management team during the festival “key words”.On January 31, every family reunion time, at 8 a.m., the city management team members have appeared in the forest fire prevention point on time;At 6:30 PM, more than 200 chengguan members set out, braving the cold, to carry out the work of civilization sacrifice and persuasion on New Year’s Eve.The UAV squadron uses the advantages of flexibility and convenience and a wide range of inspections to inspect illegal use of fire every day and closely monitor the situation of forest fire prevention points under its jurisdiction.Does not fall at the same time, in accordance with the “standard” does not decrease, measures of the principle, the city patrol “online” every day, also from time to time clean-up strong-arming, mixed and disorderly posted, disorderly stop lying and other irregularities, and in order to reflect the law enforcement “temperature”, to stop lying vehicles, chengguan posted “warm prompt list”, inform the owner during the Spring Festival are not punished, guide the owner voluntarily left.”Recently, the forest and grassland fire level in the whole region has reached level 5 or above for several days in a row. As emergency workers, we should shoulder the responsibility and firmly ensure the emergency protection.” On the first day of the holiday, Gan Xiaoyong, head of the emergency department of the Central Emergency Management Bureau, took the initiative to work overtime and never let up.Manage emergency supplies for the whole region, patrol 41 forest fire prevention checkpoints with full coverage…The Spring Festival for him and his colleagues was tense and full.During the festival, all the cadres and workers of the central city emergency Management Bureau stick to the front-line posts, keep two-thirds of the overall personnel in a 24-hour emergency state, provide emergency support services in time, and deal with all kinds of security risks.Safety production law enforcement brigade for three consecutive days to check more than ten enterprises, remediation of hidden problems 15, go all out to protect the lights.Working silently, the cleanliness of the city is inseparable from the sweat of the sanitation workers.Although mechanized operations have been widely promoted, the sanitation of small streets and alleys still depends on manual cleaning.Firecrackers on New Year’s Eve, but also to the sanitation workers increased the difficulty of work.Wu Taiyun, an old sanitation worker, hasn’t been back to his hometown for the Spring Festival in seven years, and although he works hard, he feels proud looking at the clean streets.He hoped that through his own efforts to maintain the beautiful city, so that everyone clean New Year.Like Wu Taiyun, during the Spring Festival, district municipal service center has more than 400 staff in post, compression, and more than 30 vehicles and other large-scale machinery and nearly 100 sets of fast cleaning cars and other small vehicles travel on the road, best district road cleaning, trash pickup, such as work, keep up nearly one thousand tons of garbage every day, ensure various eyesores clean and orderly.Measuring the “road of clear water” with her steps and protecting the beautiful rivers and lakes with her responsibilities, Wang Yaping and her colleagues became attached to “water” during the Spring Festival.As the staff of the river and Lake chief System office of the Natural Resources and Forestry Bureau of central Urban Area, in order to let everyone enjoy a good water ecological environment during the Spring Festival, they insisted on working on the holiday, according to the requirements of the river chief patrolling the river regularly, found problems and made rectification and reform, to ensure that the management is uninterrupted and the work is not relaxed.Search process, the staff in both water and land, full and upstream and downstream environmental health for the principle, in accordance with the “bank + river” two-pronged control measures, organize personnel to salvage the river floating garbage, the green space along the garbage to clean, wipe, safeguard the infrastructure, such as riparian GongShiPai all-round, multi-angle beautification environment of lakes,Depict the New Year people water harmony beautiful picture scroll.As soon as the alarm goes off, the Blue Friend is on duty 24 hours a day.For their own responsibilities and missions, for the safety and happiness of the masses, fire fighters always on standby, silently dedication, always stick to the first line of combat readiness, fire prevention and fire fighting.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the fire rescue brigade in the city has opened the “strengthening mode”, taking the day and night check, daily check and surprise check combined way, comprehensively increase the fire safety inspection efforts frequency, found and urged the rectification of more than 50 fire hazards.During the festival, they all stick to their posts, 24 hours on duty, in the flow of personnel density, traffic congestion in the key areas of the deployment of elite forces, mobile patrol and fixed duty, for a safe and peaceful New Year to create a good fire safety environment.Source: City online supervisor: Gao Zhaohua Editor: Liu Xinghai Editor: Feng Lichen, Zhu Weilin