Fat monkey boy break more five days, just thin 40 catties business do pig’s feet, capital still can’t let go of him

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Once, the 600kg fat monkey boy became popular on the Internet for a period of time, because of long-term overeating, eating fat meat, so that his weight soared to 600kg.Body overload work, so that he was once in danger, breathing heavily, the home is always equipped with three ventilators, the risk of death at any time.When fat monkey’s health was in the greatest danger, the boss of the company gave up fat monkey and let another employee, Chen Dabang, handle the video of fat monkey.At one point, we had to transfer the traffic to Big Fat Chen.The fat monkey finally knew that it was better to beg for others than beg for oneself, and began to look for a suitable training camp to lose weight. After choosing the training camp, he changed the video mode and became a weight-loss blogger.The fat monkey boy’s weight loss is so successful that no one can believe it, the big man actually lost 40 pounds in 10 days, which shows his perseverance to lose weight.Did not think the body just improved, capital again caught him, you can not eat, but you have to do.Fat monkey boy’s video did not eat broadcast, traffic decreased, so let fat monkey boy again business, cooking for others to eat.After losing weight, the fat monkey was able to cook on his own, his voice was less gasping, and his face was thinner and healthier.The video mode is still familiar with the routine, do meat, insert commercials, and then the whole family eat together, but the eating army is less fat monkey boy, more people swallow saliva.Fat monkey loves his wife and will not let his wife repeat his mistakes, but in front of capital, fat monkey has to bow, relying on short video as the income of the family, once he breaks the contract, he will pay a high penalty.This for the rural origin of his, is unable to withstand, so he can only let his daughter-in-law to take him to help him do eat broadcast part.It has been five days since the last video, but the fat monkey boy is worse, because what the audience really want to see is not how delicious the fat monkey boy’s cooking is, but his own way of eating and broadcasting, which will bring great appetite to people, so the video effect is not ideal.Every time traffic drops, fat Monkey’s studio tries to figure out how to change direction. They want fat Monkey to make money, not health.But after all, the fat monkey has experienced, he knows that it is easier to eat fat than to lose weight. If the monkey sister-in-law does food and has health problems, he may not have the willpower to do it like the fat monkey. The baby is still young, and the couple still have a long way to go.Unexpectedly fat monkey boy can not eat, capital will reach out to his family, and finally failed to let fat monkey boy.In fact, although the weight loss video did not eat broadcast traffic high, but there are still many people who support him.If we continue to do this, we may not be able to become the next Wang Haonan. I hope fat monkey can stick to his original aspiration and keep healthy, so as to bring a better life to his family.