Deduce the market future pen

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The future pen refers to the next stroke of the current pen in the graph with the same entanglement level, and its direction is opposite to that of the current pen. The deduction of the future pen is the quantification of future expectations, which is directly related to the optimistic and pessimistic attitude of future investment psychology. The more accurate the deduction, the less errors in judgment.The deduction of future pen is a purely technical activity in stock market trading. The influence of external factors is just like the weather, which only has the effect of qualitative environment, but it will virtually produce psychological pressure, which is not conducive to the objectivity of deduction. Therefore, the selection of future pen deduction has objective guiding significance.The deduction activity is divided into two parts: real-time dynamic deduction and static replay. The real-time dynamic deduction is of the most reference value. The method is to expand the future pen of this level with low level and judge the strength level successively into:”One two one”, “one two three five” and “infinite regeneration”, when the real-time deduction across the “one two three five” into the “infinite regeneration” state, or directly into the “infinite regeneration” state, showing the pessimistic situation has become a climate, short-term guidance investment action: pause.On the contrary, the short – term guidance investment action is: participation.China’s A-share system is T+1, so we should consider the level of the deduction pen. If the deduction pen with too small level is used to guide the entry into the market, there may be A risk of A big level reversal.So the static review correction is very necessary, the static review correction is complementary between different levels, but also to the dynamic deduction guidance of the investment action of the supplement.The stock market is not a guess, the future trend of blind confidence easy to let investment go astray, become the opponent to harvest the “leek”.Visible, the risk of the stock market mainly refers to the future judgment on the error.Stock # #