The ‘Melbourne machine’ was in full swing, sweeping ‘dark horse’ Jimmy 6-1 to set up a final with Hawkins

2022-07-08 0 By

Neil Robertson was not at his best in the semi-finals of the 2022 Players Championship, beating Jimmy Robertson 6-1 to set up a meeting with Barry Hawkins in the final.The game, not how good Neil Robertson play, but jamie Robertson, by compared with the previous games, completely is totally changed, Neil Robertson can win 5-1, thanks to every inning Jimmy Robertson, have given many chances, even if Neil Robertson on gift, Jimmy nor a winner, the strength of both sides,There are still significant gaps.First inning, Neil tee will leak out long, Jimmy spell into the far red balls, scoring 16 points after a beautiful ball K, the scattered outside the red ball, enough to let Jimmy to complete the above points, under the good situation, only 31 points and attack the ball in a dark, after the takeover mesa Neil, a wave of attack of the flowing, complete super points directly, in the end 86, take the first inning.The second inning, Neil a defensive error, each bottom bag left a red ball, perfect to fit the opportunity, Jimmy just get one point, then hand over the ball, Neil started 7 points after a ball bar K, it was again is simplified, 29 points, after the sudden electrostatic, instantaneous terminated Neil’s offensive in a row, appears to be a decent fit,Jimmy scored 32 points and the attack was interrupted again, but Neil got the ball up and threw a difficult yellow ball to the left pocket to seal the game, making it 66-32 and 2-0 in the next frame.The third game, progress is slow, the two sides each have three times to fit, has failed to complete the above points, after mutual gift, low-level mistakes still, in the process of the defense, the two sides played very cautious, several rounds down, a high quality is the snooker, Neil Jimmy solution leakage ball and 70-38 Neil even under three innings, the score to 3-0.The fourth, Jimmy about library firmly push the bottom edge red balls, black ball and successfully connected to the point, had 31 points after a ball bar K, seemingly perfect opportunity, the critical moment, called a mistake, scored 40 attack interrupt, Neil overhand scored 33 points and also failed to complete the ultra, defense, Jimmy a perfect assists, Neil had 67 points, but lost super mark yellow ball,By this time a tie was in place, Jimmy had cleared all the colored balls, and the two sides were in the black battle. Jimmy finally hit a precise long table to take the game back 74-67 and go into the break 1-3.The fifth, complicated situation, Neil started after 55 points, take the lead to black ball killed and intention is very obvious, protect yourself ahead of continuous advantage, defense, Neil leaking, Jimmy overhand scored 33 points, attack on the left bottom bag, red into attack interrupt, the two sides in the process of clear color, Jimmy leak opportunity, Neil end in 65-34 points,The score was 4-1.Sixth inning, Neil length on the one hand, and successfully connected to the green ball transition, with 12 points, small force low lever K black ball above the red ball is not ideal, attack interrupt, Jimmy started only seven points and simple attack the red ball, a low-level mistakes, Neil to fit a precise basketball attack, after 43 points, attack large Angle powder bag not into the ball, Jimmy under the good situation,With just one point, it was a sloppy game, with Jimmy making one mistake after another and Neil taking match point 57-36, 5-1.Jimmy, with his life on the line, could only try at this time. He could only fight when he was down by a large score, but he still could not stop Neil’s crazy attack.Neil started with eight points after a ball bar K, red balls of instantaneous open a few bar connection, as a result of the white ball control force is not ideal, with 40 points attack interrupt, perhaps because of a big deficit, under pressure, under the good situation, Jimmy had 18 points, only simple attack the red ball in low-level mistakes, Jimmy is playing at this time,Neal finished the match with a total of 102-18, crushing Jimmy 6-1 to meet Hawkins in the final.