“Society” values talent

2022-07-08 0 By

This article is from: Xinhua News Agency chart, Beijing, Feb 8, 2022 Cartoon:Attaches great importance to the talent in recent years, in order to improve the skill level treatment and social status, without changing the national professional skill appraisal framework system under the premise of shandong optimization skills talents evaluation approach, adhere to the “who choose and employ persons who evaluation”, support enterprises to carry out the independent evaluation skills talents, enterprise can according to the requirements of the job and skill talented person troop present situation, set up special technicians jobs independently,Independent evaluation and recruitment work, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises and skilled personnel.The reporter learned that at present, Shandong has 122 high-skilled talents have been evaluated and employed by enterprises as special technicians, and in accordance with the senior engineer cash salary treatment, to achieve career development and treatment status “double improvement”.Xinhua News Agency published by Wang Peng