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With Yin two text/Wei Enxiang (Guangxi), LAN Ting overture to Chen Qing, Yayuan Yin wind into the screen.Road gather south of the city said the past, book review life yaohuating.Outside warm heart, full of red intoxicate Ming.Seashore waves are still in, castle peak does not change the day spirit.Two, looking for mei trekking, see fireworks rain hit ping.Eye full of grey clouds not scattered, fate to hurriedly dance pingting.Distant pine ridge, north Yan Cold Lake passer stop.Bone proud tianarrogant body can mirror, heart wide water tenderness.Winter travel/Zhu Kaidao morning far haze must bird song, clear light winter chrysanthemum guest stop.Wind flowers drift boundless, rain and snow melt flow ear sound.Last night the wind lace hao, today the rain and snow melt away.Morning run Yin fog tour mountain, winter chrysanthemum qing light guest late.Jiangnan Ancient Road bow down the bank, the river running thunder down.Two village girls wash along the clothes, autumn wind rustling green shade.Night read “xu Son-in-law Du Wei Guo Warms” (ancient wind) ice flower night product feast reward xu warms poems, day think wonderful pen zhi Huai bei.Relegated fairy against the ship empty return, is already long princess xi.Grass and trees without jiao female fold, you people fawning music right.Do you hear guangling Sanqu?Five willows will eat nothing.Listen to the wind (ancient wind) Frozen Sheng Zheng yue Chang Geng dream, drum eyes by the window to find Le Qing.Only see withered branches shaking leaves, still smell the sound of falling moon shaking soul.Suddenly thinking of the motherland bow figure, sun sunset torsion heart drink tears alcoholic.Confined guest reduced night, the family may not be my feelings.At sunset, the wind and frost show white in the west, and the clouds and fog hide the clouds and clouds.Celebrities sing high, the sound of thousands of people across the sky.(over) winter night to enjoy the plum (ancient style) article/Zhu Kaidao invited the moon crazy song drunk to write poems, wine cup recited stage words.Dongmei cold night wind xiangyan, snow pressure beautiful flowers laughing customers crazy.Shousui (ancient style) one wood and one stone (Jiangxi) next to a fire for three generations, the house is full of bright light.Two old wrinkles flow smile, three sun tender face overflowing LAN xiang.Home business run, skillfully daughter-in-law inside and outside zhang.Keep the God of wealth New Year’s Eve, ushered in the age of fortune xinchang.Li Guliang “Spring” eight (group of poems stop)(ancient wind) New Year’s Eve late night spring, firecrackers sound to old Chen.Hungry tiger out of the mountain to eliminate evil epidemic, fierce cattle according to the calendar to help farmers xin.The Chinese work together, history more tolerant people out of poverty.The country is rich enough to resist thousands of enemies, strong troops and horses.Fujian morning on the peak of the mountain, golden aconitum slanted in front of me.Bald dead tree thing tendrons, hair round nest hanging around.Smoke scene fan rich, white clouds xiu drunk immortal.Eight magpies lose good news, all around singing Cathay year.On poetry (ancient style) essay/meditation do not disturb its own talented generation of teachers, poetry and dance.Level and oblique rhythm, fu que throw rhyme at the beginning.Seven unique text/waves are still up to the sky long noise snow have, Yanbei south landscape door.Night dongfeng breathtaking language, three thousand green thin with the world of mortals.