On the third day of march in the Lunar calendar, shepherd’s purse boiled eggs, feeling deep homesickness

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Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · New Hunan client On April 2 (article/video full media reporter Li Chenghui correspondent Fu Jiao Long Peng Zhenfeng) April 3 is the third day of the third lunar month, people have the custom of cooking eggs.The ground dish is shepherd’s purse, homonym “gather money”, known as “dish licorice”, the rural saying to eat shepherd’s purse on March 3 is called radish boiled eggs.March 3 is approaching, might as well follow the lens of sanxiang City daily reporter, together into hengyang City Qidong County Fengshiyan town, feel the traditional folk customs and food.Came to Qidong County fengshiyan town in Huashan village, into the village field, rows of green radish growing happy.March to April is the flowering period of the ground radish, green pole above dotted with white flowers.Early in the morning on April 1, Chen Cuiyang, grandma of The Fifth group of Chinese village, went out of the house with her son and sun and pulled radish on the ridge of the field.Then, Grandma Chen will be fresh radish cut off the roots, clean up the yellow leaves, with water repeatedly rinse clean.Prepare eggs, sugar and other ingredients, wash radish, eggs add appropriate amount of water, into the fire box boiler cooking.During the cooking process, Chen adds wood to the fire to keep it hot.About half an hour later, a radish boiled egg is ready.The whole family ate a bowl, fragrant, sweet, warm and full.In the local area, every third day of march, every family will cook a big pot of radish boiled eggs. This dish is not only delicious, but also has more therapeutic effects, such as cleaning the intestinal tract, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, relieving pain, reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, so it is deeply loved by everyone.Old people also said that eating eggs boiled with shepherd’s purse, a year of waist pain, head pain.