LPL to learn again?Kim sam-shu created the “divination of Olaf”, this understanding is all dry

2022-07-08 0 By

Recently, LCK’s spring game is also quite hot, because they have a holiday later than us, so you can still see LCK’s game now.In the last few games, DK lost to GEN G and NS, and they will soon face HLE.In this match, DK should win more easily.LPL to learn again?Kim SAN Shu created “god divided Olaf”, this understanding is all dry!After all, HLE now has no Chovy and DEft, so DK wins easily.Beat HLE 2-0 to get their third win of the season, and this win also lifted DK from 4th to 3rd place, which was a very important win for DK.And in this game, also happened a very interesting scene, that is canyon’s Olaf unexpectedly appeared a new understanding, that is, a sacred separator.Now in most matches, Olaf uses the blood thirsty tomahawk to maintain endurance. Sometimes Olaf is often afraid of being killed in seconds, but the blood thirsty tomahawk also provides survivability on a certain basis, which is a good fit for him.But gold sanshu’s understanding is not the same, even out of the sacred separation, this game’s record is 5/1/0, can see gold Sanshu Olaf, how strong the offensive.The MVP of this game, although not to Kim, but we all know that he is the invisible MVP, many netizens are also curious, why Kim in the end, chose the sacred separator equipment?This is unusual in a normal match.In a follow-up interview, Kim gave his own explanation for the incident;”I decided a long time ago that Olaf would be better off buying the Holy Separator than the blood-thirsty tomahawk.””Because blood thirsty Olaf often in the middle of the game in melee, can’t do anything just died, and buy divine separation, can help you get advantage in the battle of 1 v1, but also can let you have the ability to push the line, for yourself, or prefer to ultra high damage instead of life”, Jin Sanshu said.It can be seen that Canyon’s understanding is really in place. The cooldown of Olaf Q is very short, and it can trigger the divine separator frequently.In addition, Olaf, the hero, is relatively weak in the middle and late stage of the regiment, and will die directly due to insufficient output in the regiment battle. However, the separation of god can ensure the continuous combat ability of Olaf in the regiment battle.And in the wild area 1V1 is also very advantageous, Olaf’s single ability is really very strong.Worthy of being the current LCK’s top playing wild, the level of understanding in the game is really high, perhaps LPL will also set off a trend of “God points Olaf”, for the personal ability of strong playing wild, this equipment may really be able to create miracles!I don’t know what you think of this wave of understanding of Kim Sam-shu?