Dream westward Journey: service champion five zhuang with the first anger stagnation belt, 5 ma Jiasheng difficult to promote!

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Wu Shen altar full clothing champion, can be said to be the highest glory of the dream western tour, the major clothing war giants in order to get the champion, use every trick in the book.And every year there is a crown, seems to have become the practice of the Diaoyu servers.Even without a champion in the first 11 months, the Diaoyu Islands server will work wonders in the 12th month.However, the surprise of 2022 seems to have come too soon, in the past 186 wu Shen Altar, the Diaoyu Islands Service team carrying 30 million god of War in one fell sweep to win, in the first month of the beginning of the year, ahead of schedule to achieve the goal.Play infinite fairy jade dream view live attack kind 呺211 hand tour can.In fact, every time after the Wu Shen Altar competition, the champion team will show a wave of characters, diaoyu Island is no exception, the first show is the team of the five zhuang concept.Next, enjoy the champion’s five views with Haozai!Service champion five zhuang view, with the full service of the first anger stagnation belt, 5 horse body difficult to promote again!The current wu Altar is also revised after the first session of wu Altar, has cancelled the division of a and B group, so the title shows the “full service champion”, than before the title more domineering!Level 160 arhat jinzhong Shura golem demon set male head, hit 16 forged moon stone, this level of armor, 16 forged on the gem is necessary.160 put down the butcher’s knife shuluo puppet demon set necklace, additional seal hit rate of 1.82%, the initial ling 228 after smelting, hit 16 forging sharia.Level 160 shurra Golem demon armor, smelt body sensitivity double 55, defense 325, 16 forged light stone.Level 160 crystal clear formula shura golem demon shoes, hit 16 forged black gem, the shoe melting is very good.This is currently the number one rage Stagnation belt, but it may soon be surpassed as there is a new rage Stagnation belt that has better initial stats, but it’s not yet smelted.Level 160 Shining armor weapon with a seal hit rate of 1.79%, hit 16 forged sunstones.Ring and earring are three seals in the lower row, as the team’s card speed seal, he is more to pursue the seal hit rate, three defense under the ornaments, three defense under the bracelet.Starlite has hit 11 forgings, special effects level 8.14 skill resistance to attack what force split barriers children, qualifications and growth is very limited.13 skill resistance to attack what force to split the rampart boy.14 skills what force split barrier boy, force split in the second page Hao Son no screenshots, these children can see, attack capital are very good, is a little lack of speed qualification, hand speed will be very slow.13 skills what good and evil killing boy, if you have seen the Diaoyu Islands match should know, they started a row of good and evil boy is very violent, almost point someone who died.12 skills, good and evil boy, full of attributes.12 skills Of the boy, the skills are very perfect, but after the surprise, should have an impact on the surprise!7 skills kill manpower split children, although skills are not many, but it is a necessary god pet of each team.13 Skill death law against what children.Skill net stage miyoda thousand speed four suction child.12 Skill high endurance attack boy.Well, the service champion five zhuang show finished, the hardware and baby literally, there is no room for improvement, if you have to improve, I’m afraid is the seal hit rate of five zhuang view!