As of today, it will be open again

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According to the news of “Kunming Jiaozi Mountain Tourism” wechat public account on February 4, 2022, Kunming Jiaozi Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd. released the jiaozi Mountain scenic spot opening announcement said that the jiaozi Mountain scenic spot has met the conditions to reopen the park decided to resume the normal opening of the park on February 5, 2022 public account screenshot notice mentioned,Jiaozi Mountain Scenic spot sincerely thanks the vast number of tourists for their tolerance, understanding, care, support and help to the sudden snowstorm in the scenic spot, and once again apologizes to the stranded tourists.Jiaozi Mountain Scenic spot will further strengthen emergency plans to cope with extreme weather, continue to increase investment in tourism infrastructure, continue to improve service quality, improve management level, and create a good tourism order and guarantee for tourists as much as possible.At present, jiaozi Mountain scenic spot has met the conditions for the resumption of the park, decided to resume normal operation on February 5, 2022.We hope that the majority of tourists pay attention to the official media of Jiaozi Mountain scenic spot, pay attention to travel instructions, and visit safely.● Embrace 2022, these places are your “cloud” of choice ● Update!Four rounds of nucleic acid test results in Kunming Chenggong were negative!● Kunming real estate industry 2021 annual list released, the top is → Kunming Information Port edit source: “Kunming Jiaozi Mountain tourism” wechat public number editor: Li Guifang review: jungle final review: Song Jianbo