Within 48 hours, China’s men’s and women’s football team respectively faced Vietnam’s men’s and women’s football team, the fate of what?

2022-07-07 0 By

The 2022 Women’s Asian Cup quarterfinal match between China and Vietnam will kick off at navi Mumbai’s Pattir Stadium at 20:00 Beijing time tomorrow.Coincidentally, 48 hours later, China’s men’s national football Team will also play Vietnam away in the 8th round of Group B of the World Preliminary Round. For the men’s national football team, this is a game we can’t lose but we can hold.First look at the women’s football match, this is not a big suspense game, Vietnam women’s football team and China’s women’s football team gap is obvious.In the group stage, Vietnam women’s football team drew 1 and lost 2, including 0-3 to South Korea, 0-3 to Japan, and 2-2 to Myanmar. They ranked third in the group with the best result and advanced to the knockout stage, while China beat Chinese Taipei 4-0 and Iran 7-0, and advanced to the knockout stage as the group leader.Although the ball is round and anything can happen on the pitch, the strength and probability are there, and there is little need to worry.It is worth mentioning that If China can beat Vietnam in the quarter-finals, it can seal the qualification for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.And this World Cup qualification, is the Chinese men’s national football team to strive for, dream of.Less than 48 hours after the women’s football match, the men’s football team will take the stage in Vietnam. Perhaps, after the match against Vietnam, the Dream of The Chinese men’s football team will wake up.It was the first day of the year 2022 in the Chinese lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year, and it seemed a little cold and bleak.And two relative than, more have some different meaning, Chinese women’s football is easy to get, but let Chinese men’s football than heaven is also difficult, how can not reach.