New Year go grass-roots: Shandong Laizhou environmental protection over the New Year does not reduce the taste

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The Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. Approaching the End of the Year, laizhou, a small city in Bohai Bay, is becoming more and more lively, with the return of the travelers outside. All kinds of Spring Festival goods in supermarkets are full of beautiful things to see.During the Spring Festival, the “sense of ceremony” of the Spring Festival becomes more and more prominent.This year, Laizhou demarcated fireworks forbidden zone for the first time, the urban area no longer see everywhere “red carpet”, the environment is better, the air is fresher, but the taste of New Year and love silk is not discounted.Laizhou is a county-level city of Yantai, formerly named Ye County, with a long history and profound cultural heritage. It is located near the mountain and the sea, with rich seafood and gold and marble reserves.Approaching the Spring Festival, the return of a year’s travel, laizhou county road more and more lively.”After struggling for a year, I can only relax during the New Year. It is very pleasant to go back to the city where I grew up, spend time with my parents and chat with my children.”Mr. Deng, who came back from Beijing, told that although he had been away from home for many years, he could only feel warm when he returned to his hometown. “This time of year is what I look forward to most. I get ready to go home early and look forward to the holiday.Every Spring Festival, Laizhou will have some small changes, this year, Laizhou demarcated fireworks and firecrackers forbidden zone for the first time, the city can no longer see the “red carpet”, the environment is better, the air is fresher.”I think the exclusion zone is very good, the space in the city is limited, before the Chinese New Year, fireworks flying, firecrackers just washed the car was all dirty, my car was injured by firecrackers before, really very helpless.”Mr. Zhao, a citizen, told that after fireworks were banned in urban areas, the car was no longer subjected to “baptism”, which not only reflected civilization but also improved safety.”Wear new clothes for the New Year”, every Spring Festival, citizens will choose their favorite clothes, to a capricious consumption, in Liqun Laizhou shopping mall, is buying clothes Ms. Chi told”Chinese New Year is a festival and lively, we have to dress up and embrace the New Year,” Ms. Chi is looking at a price of more than 10,000 mink coat, “like a mink coat for a long time, I want to buy one this year.”Ms. Chi said with a smile.Before the Spring Festival in Laizhou, the most interesting thing is to catch a big fair, especially the last fair before the year. Spring Festival couplets and lanterns are all kinds.On the first day of the first lunar month, large and small villages and towns in Laizhou became the main ground for lively activities. People from the same village and the same family visited each other and walked through the streets in a very lively manner.Although it is in Shandong, but laizhou most of the New Year and not kneeling ceremony.It is understood that after the founding of the New China, with the simplification of New Year greeting procedures, slowly no longer bow down to the ceremony, instead of meeting to ask “Happy New Year”.”The custom of kneeling was handed down from our ancestors. It’s not abandoned, but the process has been simplified.”Sun told xinwang.During The Spring Festival, brothers and sisters of the same age come back to Laizhou from all over the world and sit together to talk about the year’s work and life. For most of them, this is the only time of the year when the whole family can get together.The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger has passed, immediately, people will set foot on the return journey, back to their struggling cities, with hard work looking forward to the next year together again, Laizhou, just like the mother, with her enthusiasm to welcome the return of the wanderer, after the reunion to send on the journey.