First big scale kiss!TVB upper floret exposure process is too intense, lips even so injured

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Recently, since the BROADCAST of TVB drama “Youth shameless”, many audiences are concerned about the trend of the plot, but also in the recent has become a hot topic of discussion after dinner.In particular, the kiss scene between Ding Zilang and Dai Zuyi in a recent episode has been a hot topic among viewers for days.In the episode, Dai zuyi and Ding Zilang play a couple, but it is revealed in the plot that the man’s acting career was in trouble at the beginning, which led to their eventual breakup.But two people agreed that if he became the protagonist after the compound, in a recent episode broadcast finally round to Ding Zilang “hair”, he successfully upgraded to the ranks of the protagonist.And between and Dai Zuyi, has not given up ding Zilang is also in the good news after the first time ran to Dai Zuyi’s home.In Dai Zuyi and Ding Zilang two people meet successfully at that moment, two people can be described as lust burning body, then two people also hug together kiss up, and also undressed up, from the door has been kissed to the sofa.After the broadcast of the drama, the scene between Dai Zuyi and Ding Zilang has been hotly discussed by the audience for several days. Behind the shooting of this part of the drama, Dai Zuyi and Ding Zilang, as the parties involved, also accepted the media interview afterwards.In the broadcast of the plot at that time, I believe the audience can see Ding Zilang is also exposed to a strong body, as for Dai Zuyi is off to only a small vest, then the two people are moved to the sofa, the scene is very romantic.For this part of the scene, many viewers pointed out that Ding Zilang seemed to stick his tongue out when kissing Dai Zuyi, questioning whether the other side was crossing the line because of kissing too much into the play.Ding Zilang said he did not stick out his tongue in the interview, he said: “I don’t remember, but I was so involved in the performance that DAI Zuyi’s mouth bled. I didn’t know the scene was so intense when I took it, but NOW I know it when I look back.As for filming this part of the film with Dai Zuyi will not feel embarrassed, ding Zilang admitted that he did not, because the two are very familiar friends, not because of filming this part of the kissing scene and kiss true feelings, he is also glad that he met such a good partner.In addition, Ding Zilang also revealed that in the next story, his feelings between Dai Zuyi and many waves to experience, is not plain sailing, as for the two people to face what kind of wind and waves, please remember to watch the next story on time.However, for dai Zuyi, she felt a little different from Ding Zilang in filming this part of the film. She admitted that at the beginning, she would feel a little embarrassed.Dai Zuyi said: I have never tried such a fierce drama, but at the beginning of the shooting I knew to put my mind in the drama, there is a distance from the door to the sofa, and the whole process should cooperate with the lens, so I did not think about awkward or awkward things later.As for the outside world said ding Zilang in the shooting also sticking out his tongue, this Dai Zuyi is also clarified this matter, confirmed that the other party did not, but his lips are indeed injured.In the end, it is true that this part is relatively large for the two people, but after the broadcast, the audience’s response is still very good, so I hope the two people make persistent efforts to continue to give the audience more different performance!