A variant strain of the new Omicron subtype has been identified in South Africa

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This article was transferred from;Johannesburg, China News Service, February 4 (reporter Wang Xi)With a total of 3616,075 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 95,545 deaths as of midnight local time on February 4, South Africa remains the hardest-hit country on the African continent.Worryingly, the South African Department of Health has confirmed that a mutant strain of the Omicron subtype called BA.2 has been found in South Africa.As of February 3, seven out of nine provinces in South Africa have reported cases of BA.2, and the transmission of the subtype variant strain is accelerating. Limpopo province has the highest number of infections, and gauteng province is also experiencing a rapid increase in confirmed cases. The situation is also not optimistic.According to South Africa, tryon, professor of bioinformatics at the university of tullio DE oliveira, co 2 Mr Mick Dijon strain of the mutant strains appear, is likely to lead to usher in a new round of COVID – 19 confirmed cases in South Africa in the adverse situation, and the future a period of time, infection in South Africa the Mick overall trend of Dijon, will be like a then a hump.”But Oliveira confirmed that the BA.2 variant is indeed more transmission-prone than omicron, but that patients infected with it do not have severe symptoms, so there is no cause for alarm.In addition, the South African people have strong immunization experience, as well as improved vaccination coverage, can have a good defense against the new mutant strain.The South African government has announced that it has reached its target of vaccinating more than 30 million people against COVID-19, marking an important step in the country’s fight against the pandemic.(after)