A man in Guangxi deliberately went to the kitchen to pretend to cook vegetables in order to escape alcohol, but was discovered by his wife

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There is an old saying: how to solve the problem, only Du Kang.The ancients were willing to put their worries in the wine, we modern people are facing more and more pressure, so many people also choose to drown their sorrows in alcohol.But a little wine is good, a great one bad.If you do not control this degree, it is easy to drink things, things regret not at the beginning.The sensible thing to do is not to drink when you can.February 12, coordinates Qinzhou, Guangxi, a man’s escape method has been recognized by the netizens, many people even said that this move after their own arrangements, really too useful.On the same day, it was the weekend, the man, Lao Yu (pseudonym), was watching TV series in the living room. Suddenly a loud ring tone of the mobile phone broke the comfort, and a shout came from the other end of the phone: Lao Yu, hurry over to Lao Meng’s house, this weekend, let’s get drunk.I promised my daughter-in-law tonight that I would go shopping for clothes with her. What if I got drunk?He trotted all the way to the kitchen, then took out his shovel, shook the pot vigorously, and deliberately made some cooking noises.Then he began to reply to Lao Meng, “Brother, I also want to go there, but now I have guests at home, I have to greet them, I am cooking in the kitchen at the moment, I will not be able to get away, or you can drink by yourself.The other end of the phone heard Lao Yu said this, although the in the mind have displeasure, but also helpless, the other party like a deflated balloon, resolutely hung up the phone.This happened to be the scene of Yu’s wife, she posted her husband’s experience on the Internet, hoping to provide a reference for the general public, so as to easily get rid of unnecessary wine bureaux.Netizens commented that this is a good way to avoid offending your drinking friends and make yourself famous without embarrassing yourself, which is worth promoting.’Now everyone knows you’re on the run, you’re famous,’ said another.Although good wine is good, never drink too much.People to middle age to learn to choose, meaningless wine board less to participate in, meaningful relatives to accompany, more arrangements.In fact, many people will call you friends when you are in trouble and when you need their help, they will run faster than rabbits.For the attitude of drinking, Xiao Chun felt that the Spring Festival, and relatives of the appropriate drinking of some small wine is not wrong, because at this time hanchang a few cups, can make the family warming up, relax each other, it does not hurt.However, remember not to drink alone, or find someone to drink, this is very dangerous.Because alcohol is a narcotic, if you drink too much, there are a lot of behaviors that you can’t control and things can spiral out of control.At the same time, Xiao Chun also want to warn everyone, usually try not to persuade alcohol, when others clearly said that they do not drink, you will be wise to avoid, do not feel that others do not give you face, and to forcibly persuade alcohol.In many cases, drinking is not the answer, and the days when business was done over a wine table are slowly becoming a thing of the past.As long as you can provide them with the benefits they want, even if you don’t drink, they will choose to cooperate with you.Please remember, the world is bustling for profit, don’t indulge in the wine board.Use that time to polish yourself, and as long as you’re good enough, you can handle any wine shop and live the way you want.