The really strong people are mostly the ones who “have a good face”

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01 read such a sentence: “learn to be shameless, the day is much better.”Don’t you feel the same way?A person, die face suffer, if the reverse thinking, you will find that the mood is better, when communicating with people, do not care about the high and low level, and even can do whatever they want.In fact, the real tough people, is to face, they will try to “earn face” for themselves.Those who have no money, no power, but also poor heart, even if they throw both sides on the ground, will not live a happy life.Don’t be fooled by chicken soup.02 hard to make money, face “confidence”.Adult face, all paid for.If you are too poor to put food on the table, you will be looked down upon wherever you go.A cousin of mine, in his forties, still lives in a mud-brick house in the hills and has no girlfriend.Every Spring Festival, when his relatives got together, he would sit in the corner cautiously, afraid that everyone would laugh at him.Once, his sister-in-law introduced him to a girl.It was a divorced woman with children.When they met, my cousin blushed to the root of his neck.Because although the woman divorced, but dress very western style, and cousin’s image is not matched.Last December, suddenly received the news that my cousin lives in a new house.And on top of that, he’s getting married.As the saying goes, “Plant a plane tree and attract a phoenix.”If a person doesn’t make a lot of money, instead, he eats at other people’s house all day long and brags about himself, he really loses face.People with backbone will think of ways to “stick gold” on their face.People in this life, only money, can solve the problem.Compete for high position, have “glory” on the face.People want to move up as water has to flow down.If a person is content with the status quo, always breaking promises, he becomes a shameless twiddler.In the workplace, employees who do not want to be leaders are not good employees;In the business world, the boss who doesn’t want to be big and strong is not a real man.In the book, a man named Zhang Youqian was written. He was full of poetry and books, but his family was very poor.Father earned his living by writing paperwork for local officials.Zhang Youqian’s neighbor had a daughter, Luo Xixi.They grew up together, went to school together, kind of childhood sweethearts.In order to promote the fate, the Zhangs asked a matchmaker to go to the Luo family.Luo family insisted: “if Zhang Youqian can high school, agree to the marriage.”In a flash, after three or four years, Zhang Youqian ushered in a scientific opportunity.At the same time, the Luo family got married with a rich merchant named Xin and received betrothal gifts.A few months before Luo’s wedding, zhang youqian was ranked third in the official list.Under the witness of the governor, the Luo family gave the dowry back to the Xin family, and finally facilitated the marriage between the Zhang and Luo families.If a man is mediocre all his life, he will be despised by his parents and lovers, not to mention outsiders.If a woman has not been aspirant, there is also the possibility of being swept out of her husband’s home.People who get better at mixing do not stay in one place all the time, but keep moving upwards.Even if there is no way to become a senior official, at least I will try to find a way to move to a better company.04 Learn to be grateful, there is “temperature” on the face.The Law of northern Qi lists ten serious crimes: rebellion, great rebellion, treason, surrender, evil rebellion, unrighteousness, disrespect, unfilial piety, unrighteousness, and internal rebellion.Not filial piety parents, do things of great treason, are felonies.In real society, people who are not filial to their parents, although not severely hit, but his reputation will be very bad, and do anything, will not be.One of my friends, he is in a factory as a supervisor, the monthly income of more than 20,000.At the end of the month, he gave 200 yuan to his parents in the countryside.Once, the factory organized the senior management to do volunteer work, to the countryside to help the helpless old people.The friend took out the list of visitors and looked at it.Unexpectedly, his parents were on the list.Suddenly, he was so ashamed that there was no room for his face.Why many people, go to mahjong parlors, lose thousands of dollars, it doesn’t matter, give parents one or two hundred dollars, but upset?Why the good mood to outsiders, but the mood to their parents?Don’t put the cart before the horse.Gratitude to those who have helped themselves, to have a clear conscience, to live emboldened.Accepted the help, but not grateful, like a thief, guilty ah.No matter how difficult life is, if you have the idea of helping others, you can make it happen.People who don’t have any money can sweep the street, help an elderly person who has fallen down, or make a phone call to greet relatives far away.Help people, the face is warm, such as spring breeze.Torn face, face with “justice”.There is a line in the TV drama Please Answer 1988 that says, It is not when you protect your pride that you become strong, but when you throw away your pride.A really strong person has the great wisdom to bend and stretch. No matter what happens at the moment, he will never lose his aura.In the encounter of the villain, turned, villain will be afraid, dare not close to;When there is an opportunity to make money, hide your face, work hard, and the money will go into your pocket.If a person fights to do business and uphold social justice, he will be sought after.Whether a person has a face is not a good-looking face, but whether there is education in the bones, whether to guide the positive energy of the society, whether to make a career.People of different levels have different views on “face”.The higher the status, the lower the posture;The more money, the more people know “muffled rich”;The more wisdom you have, the more you turn to others for advice.Those who hold on to face and always turn against each other are actually poor in heart. They just make trouble in an unreasonable way to get others to notice them.In fact, it is the wisdom of life, need to know as soon as possible.06 as the saying goes, “Don’t lose for face.”A lot of people regard face as a FIG leaf, do very depreciating things for face, and do not see through the value of face, also do not know that face is built on the basis of the inside.From now on, the face control in their own hands, in the mixed society, find their own way, live as a clean stream.Author: Cloth clothes coarse food.Pay attention to my words, into your heart.The illustrations are from the Internet.