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Eye eye specialist, is the full name of sympathetic ophthalmia, night blindness, trachoma, cataract, blindness, amblyopia and astigmatism, diabetic retinopathy, conjunctivitis, presbyopia, color blindness, and so on are all belong to ophthalmologists common diseases, 91 academic today to introduce you to a professional journal in the field of ophthalmology, hope can help to you.New Progress of Ophthalmology is a monthly academic journal of ophthalmology sponsored by Xinxiang Medical College, focusing on the new progress, new ideas and new achievements in the field of ophthalmology. It is the first choice for clinical, scientific research and teaching staff of ophthalmology. If you have contributions in these aspects, you can submit them to try.The new progress of ophthalmology is currently the Chinese core journals of Peking University, statistic source science core journals, opened a review, experiment research, applied research, literature review writing, literature metrology, medical research, clinical reports, case reports, and other columns, welcome the domestic and international ophthalmology medical workers, Dr. And master graduate student in school to contribute.In addition, if there are significant findings or research papers with international competition value, please declare that the journal will give priority to publish according to the specific situation.This paper introduces the outstanding topics in this field based on the Latest Advances in Ophthalmology:1, crocin on retina ischemia-reperfusion injury of retinal ganglion cells protection in mice and its mechanism study 2, fenofibrate of sjogren’s syndrome in mice the immunoregulatory effects of Treg cells (3, miR – 146 – a high sugar induced retinal microvascular endothelial cell proliferation and angiogenesis and its mechanism of 4, the influence of new white associated with systemic diseaseDisabled patients with surgical curative effect and principles of perioperative management of 5, different concentrations of povidone iodine antibacterial ability and cross-eyed table 6, the influence of cataract bi conjunctival sac sticky bombs agent was applied to patients with early postoperative dry eye the preventive effect of 7, in patients with type 2 diabetes blood sugar control level and the correlation of corneal nerve injury 8, the spectrum of environmental light on the influence of refractive development research progress on 9, miRNA in the role of retinoblastoma is reviewed 10, Smad proteins regulate corneal neovascularization, retinal potassium ion and its research progress in the development of 11 channels to short 12, the research advances in presence of meibomian gland dysfunction in patients with ocular surface flora composition contrast 13, cataract patients with hepatitis c virus (HCV) analysis of the expression of inflammatory cytokines in aqueous humor of 14,Femtosecond laser assisted analysis of risk factors for dry eye after cataract surgery 15, myopic patients with macular area microflow density and thickness of ganglion cells complex changes in 16, eye fibroblasts in the research development of eye disease, 17 GSDMD mediated cell jiao wu in the center of the research progress of diabetic retinopathy, 18 concave type diabetic macular edema is reviewedProtective Effect and mechanism of Astragaloside IV on Blue light-induced damage of retinal pigment epithelial cells 20 Expression changes of retinol dehydrogenase 5 in guinea pig shape deprivation myopia