Boshan District: How to park village “Three Changes in two years”

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“The alley used to be filled with firewood and dirt in front of houses, but now it is landscaped with flowers and paved roads.”Reporters in Bo Shan district saw that many villages are in the “national greening”.On March 27, rebuilt on a big environmental control in urban and rural big promotion at the scene of the action to promote fine management after the meeting, I’d do it urgent action, and with the spring breeze blow, “street by street comb board weaknesses, establish working parameter, from the expressway environment, bare land, living environment and so on key areas of rapid deployment to carry out the environmental renovation” base “,Centralized regulation remains within the districts of all kinds of “considered” phenomenon, the crowd around environmental issues should be resolved at the same time, the “one village one policy”, increase the village community action is “skin care”, take the lead of party members, villagers’ participation, long street type management, system of rewards, a large number of scenery village, village, beautiful village are listed, let a person shine at the moment.Villagers are good at weaving, firewood street rose alley into “landscape” “When I was young, the pine full east gang.”These days, eight dou town north hekou village fenghuangling east, villagers shovel soil, irrigation, busy.”The environment in the village used to be bad. There were debris in front of the house and behind the house. In some places, vegetables were planted.”North hekou village party chief branch secretary, village committee director Ding Hair said that the change is these two years, three concentrated action, let the mountain village has undergone tremendous changes.This year, beihekou village bought more than 240 rosewood roses, through the “three network” widely launched party members, villagers, volunteers and other more than 50 people to participate in the rose planting activities, so that the community up, green up, clean up.In the action of “Clean home”, Beihekou Village focused on the improvement of community environmental health, and reconstructed the public parts of the community with high participation of villagers. The originally dirty, messy and bad streets were also transformed into “Rose Alley” due to the roses planted everywhere, and the Chai Huo Street covered with canopy walls became a “landscape road” attracting attention.This spring, eight steep town combined with the big environmental control in urban and rural, fully carry out “green naked” cure action, in the early training of choose and buy, collocation of design, on the basis of the villages in the road on both sides, the village square, community greening, pocket parks, such as planting all kinds of green seedlings, the township government centralized distribution procurement dwarf lilyturf seedlings, guide the villages scientific cultivation, fine management, to ensure the survival,Using the excellent characteristics of Winter wheat straw to cover the bare land in the jurisdiction, greatly reducing the dirty and messy problems caused by bare soil under the forest and bare soil at the edges and corners, the construction of the garden town is booming, and the mountain villages under the jurisdiction are fully landscaped.”I did not expect that a remote village is so clean and tidy.”I was interviewed in Tumentou Village, a mountain street in Boshan District, and was attracted by the street scene with white walls and red tiles and distant alleys as soon as I entered the village.The white walls of one villager’s house are decorated with landscape paintings as they grow budding melon vines.Inside the gate, the wood pile is piled into a hill artistically, and green bamboo is planted beside the stone mill.One villager said his family’s transformation is a testament to the village’s transformation.There was a pile of firewood in front of his house, and there were many sundry things in front of the house. Last year, after the “beautiful action” was launched, there were points to encourage him to clean up the house in front of the house for a week. Flowers were planted in the house.Villagers say his house has changed the most, and his points are high.Tumentou Village set up a special action leading group of urban and rural environmental remediation with members of the “two Committees” as the main body, and set up a volunteer service team of more than 20 people to carry out regular centralized cleaning operations.”Now, on the road to the village, there are more than 20 groups of flower boxes, planting more than 1,000 flowers and trees such as carnation, Rose, photinia, and five large flower beds, planting hundreds of cherry blossoms and crabapple.The environment in the village is getting better day by day.”This small village of 330 people is becoming more and more beautiful every day, and it has become an Internet celebrity.Operation Beauty has also transformed Jianbei village.Villager Sun Zhaolai said that last year, the village carried out a “thorough cleaning” action, the implementation of the points-based reward policy, party members took the lead, villagers also began to beautify their homes, every household has changed.Jianbei village has a total of 182 households and more than 520 people. The backward appearance of the village has been a headache for many years.Since the great improvement of the urban and rural environment, they regard environmental improvement as an important way to improve the civilized quality of villagers, cultivate good living habits, change the appearance of the village and build a beautiful village. They have set up three specialized working classes with the main contents of “garbage sorting”, “village renovation” and “Beauty in the family”.Out of a “cadres take seriously, party members take the lead, the masses participate in the” village appearance governance greatly changed the way.Now, the idea of “environmental village” has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Last year, thousands of seedlings were planted in the village, including thousands of Chinese roses, peonies, herbaceous peony, carnation and roses.”This spring, our village was full of flowers,” said fan Shizhi, a villager.Since the launch of the urban and rural environmental improvement and fine management of the campaign, Boshan District Shantou Street focus on mobilizing the masses, mobilizing the village residents, investment, rectification depth, comprehensive mobilization, carry out the “bottom cleaning” campaign, resolutely win the battle of the major renovation, the regional environment in an all-round way.At present, 289 villages and communities in Boshan District have taken comprehensive action. The whole-area greening based on environmental renovation has greatly improved the village living environment, improved the appearance level of small streets and lanes, and turned the contiguous villages into a grand landscape.Responsible Editor: Jiang Jian Source :01 Zibo Daily