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Travel during a 90 feng youth by various media attention after he was a struggle in a rail line inspection work today let small make up take you to go and see his story to keep the “Shanghai” travel – I give rail “do B to exceed” the Spring Festival on the eve of the Shanghai street flutter from time to time the stars every bits of bit snowflake, Shanghai railway station,After a year of hard work, people packed their bags and boarded the train home.At this time, Liu Xinxin’s day of work has just begun, the young man with action silently guard the way of the travelers.Liu Xinxin is Shanghai large road maintenance machinery use repair section rail inspection workshop six shift monitor.His daily work is to “do B ultrasound” for the rail, using ultrasonic flaw detection equipment to detect some congenital or acquired rail injuries, timely record and report the focus of the rail, and inform the work section colleagues to “do surgery” for the rail.Even small abnormalities in the rails can cause serious accidents if they are not detected in time.Therefore, this job requires special care, patience and responsibility.”The sounding wheel feeds real-time detection data and images back into the system, and when that happens, it tells you there’s something wrong with the rail.””Liu xinxin said, pointing to the graphics bouncing on the monitoring screen.The GTC-80X inspection vehicle he works for is the first domestically made inspection vehicle. The advanced intelligent identification technology of rail damage has been able to accurately capture the subtle damage situation, greatly improving the detection efficiency.The long night shift left Liu with bloodshot eyes, but it also gave him a sharp eye.When the inspection car started, he closely stared at the monitoring screen and cooperated with the team members, never letting go of any suspicious image. When he was tired and sleepy, he would wash his face with cold water and continue.Every year from November 15 to March 15 of the next year is the rail-breaking period, and it catches up with the Spring Festival travel rush. The work intensity is greater than other periods, so it is necessary to complete the flaw detection work to ensure the safety of passengers during the Spring Festival travel rush.”The nature of our work is quite special. Others work with the sun and rest at the end of the day. We work the other way around.Liu Xinxin sighs.Liu and his colleagues often wait for hours on the road, as they have to avoid passenger and freight vehicles during the inspection of high-speed railway lines.Liu xinxin, who grew up near the railway, used to watch the trains coming and going every day. He envied the people who worked on the trains and thought it was cool to have a first view of the train.Later, after hard work, he was admitted to Harbin Railway Institute, round the childhood dream.However, when he was really engaged in railway work, he found that the work was more lonely than surprising, and more monotonous and boring.In a year, he spends more than 200 days working in the field, spending less time away from his family.The birth of his son in 2020 added new color to Liu’s life.But because the detection task is heavy, the rail “disease” can not wait, when the child is not a full moon, he boarded the inspection car.The commuter car passed by the house, and there was no time to check on the family and children.When he returned home after a round of tests, the child had grown up a lot, and missing the growth of the child was his biggest regret.Spending time with his family has also been on his bucket list for the New Year.In recent years, the development of the Yangtze River Delta on the track is particularly fast, the line is more and more, more and more long, the responsibility on the shoulder of the flaw detector is more and more heavy.In 2021, Liu and other crew members covered more than 35,000 kilometers.Line east to Qidong, south to Cangnan, west to the south, north to Ganyu north, covering the Shanghai bureau, including the Beijing-Shanghai line, Shanghai-Nanjing intercity, Shanghai-Kunming line, Longhai line and other major trunk high-speed lines and general speed lines.They maintain a zero accident record, silently guarding thousands of passengers on their way home.”Railway Doctor” may not have flowers and applause, may never be known, but to see a train set off from Shanghai safely, to see everyone sitting on the train and family reunion smile, this is their most gratified, the most fulfilling time.Authors: Youth League Committee of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., LTD