Hotan Airport handled 18,000 passengers during the 2022 Spring Festival Golden Week

2022-07-04 0 By

On February 7, 2022, news from Civil Aviation Resources network: Hotan Airport operated smoothly and orderly during the 2022 Spring Festival Golden Week holiday.From January 31 to February 6, a total of 196 flights were carried out, with a passenger throughput of 18,000 and cargo throughput of 74.637 tons, with year-on-year growth rates of 23%, -4.39% and 14% respectively.In order to fully ensure the transportation of passengers, goods and mail during the Spring Festival, Hotan Airport made scientific plans and elaborate arrangements according to the Spring Festival transportation and Spring Festival related work arrangements of Civil Aviation Administration of China, and formulated the Spring Festival guarantee scheme combining with the actual airport work.During the long holiday, all departments allocate duties reasonably, strictly implement the duty preparation system during the holiday, strengthen various work measures, timely open more check-in counters and passenger security channels, effectively shorten the waiting time of passengers;Each position actively practices the concept of “sincere service”, standardizates the implementation of the responsibility system of “Asking first, seeing first”, and carries out the key work of helping the elderly, unaccompanied, disabled and other special passengers, as well as the priority service for soldiers, police, and fire officers and soldiers during the Spring Festival with the construction of the service brand “Yuyuexiang” as the carrier.During the Spring Festival, emergency desktop drills were carried out to improve emergency response capabilities.The 40-day 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush will end on Feb 25.In the next stage, Hotan Airport will strictly observe the bottom line of safety, further strengthen work measures, strengthen emergency response, to ensure the smooth realization of the “safe, orderly and harmonious” Spring Festival travel target.