Jining city development and reform commission actively carry out market price inspection

2022-07-03 0 By

In order to timely grasp the supply and prices of important commodities and epidemic prevention supplies, the Development and Reform Commission of Jining City, Shandong Province, conducted price inspections on major daily consumer goods and epidemic prevention supplies in farmers’ markets, supermarkets and pharmacies on March 31.Municipal Development and Reform Commission visited qinzhuang Market, Ruifu Supermarket, Chenxin Drugstore, Guanglian Drugstore and many other price monitoring points, focusing on understanding and checking the supply and price of important livelihood commodities such as grain and oil, meat and eggs, vegetables, fruits and drugs that the masses are concerned about.From the inspection situation, the main residents of Jining city consumer goods variety is rich, the market supply is more sufficient, demand is strong.In terms of prices, grain and oil prices rose steadily, meat, poultry and eggs prices fell slightly, and vegetable prices rose slightly.The supply of epidemic prevention supplies is sufficient and the price is stable.In the next step, Jining Development and Reform Commission will continue to do a good job in monitoring the prices of important livelihood commodities, pay close attention to market supply and demand and price changes, do a good job in the analysis of market price situation, timely warning of abnormal changes, and effectively maintain the stability of market prices.(Jiang Shufen, Yang Xueying, Jining Development and Reform Commission)