Civil affairs official Ke Xiaoshan takes part in the torch relay of Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-07-03 0 By

The Xinhua News Agency Gu Haocheng perturbation on the morning of February 2nd, ahead of the Beijing Olympics, the Ministry of Civil Affairs administration of social organizations, social organizations and law enforcement supervision information division director and researcher KeXiaoShan in Beijing to participate in the Beijing Olympic torch relay, the Olympic forest park with an inspiring spirit, attitude, a firm pace,The torch relay was successfully completed.Ke xiaoshan was awarded the national Advanced Individual in Poverty Alleviation. He has actively served sports social organizations, especially those for the Winter Olympics, and handled nearly 300 annual registration procedures for sports social organizations, making contributions to the development of China’s sports undertakings and the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Source: China Society Daily Duty editor: Yu Junru Responsible editor: Zhang Xuetao