The team’s all-time champion apologised, and the blues’ centre man has made controversial comments. Tuchel has had a difficult season

2022-07-02 0 By

Lukaku’s return to Stamford bridge, Chelsea’s most expensive player in history after spending 115 million euros on inter milan last summer, was expected to lead Chelsea to a strong start to the new season and more trophies.But as the season progressed, blues fans found themselves at Stamford bridge still at odds with Lukaku.Romelu Lukaku’s form for Chelsea so far this season has been patchy, even disappointing.Lukaku himself is tired of the delay in kicking out his price, coupled with the questioning and criticism from public opinion and fans.Lukaku has spoken out about how unhappy he is at Chelsea and how the lack of support from coach Tuchel has made him regret his decision to return to the blues.Warcraft this speech, caused a great uproar at the time, the Blues coach Tuhel is once abandoned warcraft, until he himself came forward to apologize, the matter gradually calmed down.The club’s all-time champion had just apologised and it was expected that the Blues would be back together to continue their quest for silverware.But just yesterday, Chelsea’s core jose Inho in an interview, again exposed controversial remarks, let Chelsea coach Tuhel is once again “disgrace”.Speaking openly, the Blues playmaker said: “I didn’t come to Chelsea, I was supposed to go to another club, another premier League club.But then it happened, I came to Chelsea, it happened very quickly, it’s not a secret, if you look it up on the Internet, it’s Manchester City.They’re playing Tiki-Taka football, which fits my game.I still dream of playing for Pep Guardiola and I am fascinated by his tactics.But to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever get that chance.I watched Guardiola’s Barcelona when I was a kid and they had Xavi and Iniesta and they won everything.As a player, there’s nothing wrong with having a manager you love.But jose mourinho, the absolute core of the current Chelsea team, has chosen to publicly declare his love for the manager of his arch-rival and still look forward to playing for him at this time, which is clearly a little out of place.At least if senao this words, will let now the blues coach Tuhel “very hurt”.As Chelsea coach, Tuchel is indeed not easy!