Changsha Kaifu District: the husband’s good family tradition to let “cheap” flavor floating into the ancient lane

2022-07-02 0 By

Hua sheng online February 21 news (correspondent Li Yi reporter Long Teng) a letter, the republic of China industrialist Ren Li Qing devoted to the revitalization of the great cause of China, the residence named bamboo Yitang, meaning to be as upright as bamboo;A entrust, mansion posterity swim chang e keep in mind the green lotus on the brick wall carved to act the role ofing intention, with incorruptable family style music good help others, affectionate guard old street.With more than 400 years of cultural origin wenchangge ancient building community, the concentration of successive generations of diligent and clean family stories, stretching up to now.Party members are watching the cultural exhibition of clean and honest stories hidden in cultural relics.Recently, Changsha Kaifu District Xiangya Road street Wenchangge community combined with the theme of the Party to carry out “family tradition inheritance.”Lian yun Wen Chang” activities, invited party members of the district to swim with the mansion, good view of the family style story exhibition, cut clean window, so that the “lian” flavor does not come loose, let the wind floating into the heart.Party members cut window cuts together.The above pictures are provided by our correspondent.As New York 毑 still remembers as New York City our ancestors painted “green lotus” patterns on the walls of new residences and deeply entrusted to care for ancient houses, it is to teach people to be honest, honest and helpful.Now 83, as he New York 毑, he not only guards historic mansion houses, but also runs a community care centre as orderly as possible for free.In addition, she often took a small trumpet to go through the streets to publicize safety, epidemic prevention and other knowledge, when the “love housekeeper”, affectionately known as the neighbors “trumpet aunt”.Integrity, good, thrifty, willing to contribute……Incorruptible and plain good family tradition is a family inherited spiritual wealth, but also an important carrier of the construction of clean and honest culture.It community party secretary Chen said, in the construction of a clean community, it will depends on the organic renewal opportunity, collecting area more clean good start-up story feast, selfless dedication, honest folk art group of the drama, singing and dancing culture literary works, display an incorruptible positions within the essence, really make the clean wenchang culture “flying off the shelves.