Change the name of “Ask for Advice for the Rest of my life”?The new name is down-to-earth and is expected

2022-07-02 0 By

With the development of the entertainment industry, various kinds of movies emerge one after another. In the past, the most popular ones are “Black Sweep” and “The Beginning”, and there is another kind of TV series, which is the urban idol TV series.”The rest of my life ask for more advice” is xiao Zhan and Yang Zi co-star of a classic city idol drama, tells the story of a high three college students and a doctor encounter!This is a very common subject matter, which could easily be released after filming, but 19 years ago, the events of Shaw War 227 happened, so the release date of this film was delayed.Finally, an episode was released, but it was suddenly cancelled a few days before it was due to air, which left many fans feeling sad that they would never see the movie in their lifetime.When all people are discouraged and do not want to wait any longer, the name of “Ask for advice for the rest of my life”, suddenly spread on the network, this “new name”, it is too aggressive!According to the introduction of “Ask for Advice for the Rest of my life”, the title of the show has been changed to “Wonderful Happiness”, with the same stars and writers, but it has become 30 episodes!What’s even more surprising is that the video AIRS in the first and second quarters of 2022, suggesting “good news” is on the horizon.Although “A Wonderful Happiness” is not as interesting as “Ask for Advice for the Rest of my Life”, nor does it attract the love of young people, but this time, netizens did not go to pick a quarrel, but chose to “order it soon”, if not broadcast, it will be too late!That’s true. Normally, the movie wouldn’t be released until six months at most after it’s been shot, but three full years have passed, from 2019 to 2022, without a firm release date. How could it not hurt?This also proves that the cast and investors are promoting the show for the Rest of your life, otherwise it wouldn’t be so troublesome, so fans can rest assured that they are quietly waiting for the announcement of the show, so that they will not be busy in the future.Those of us who have never spent any money can’t wait for the show to start, not to mention investors who have invested a lot of money in the show. They don’t want to throw their money away.In the past, Xiao Zhan has been at the center of the storm and cannot be online. Now zhan Zhan has been back for more than a year and has attended various large-scale events. It would be too much to restrict his works, so we must be sensible about it.I only hope that Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi’s “Ask for Your Advice for the Rest of my Life” can be released smoothly after the Spring Festival, so that their work will be more motivated!